A Charming Stone Home You're Bound To Fancy

Leigh Leigh
Eddy Cretaz Architetttura Rustic style house
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Today we are going to visit the Italian Alps where architect professionals Eddy Cretaz Architects have built a home that any Canadian is bound to fancy.

As we explore this project form the inside out, we will see how rustic charm merges with expert architecture to create a stone house that is warm, cozy and comforting as well as stylish and quaint. With a typical country look and feel, both outside and in, this home makes you want to curl up next to a fire, while drinking mulled wine and reading a mystery. It's the epitome of homeliness, especially on snowy days.

If an old-school and traditional style is more for you, then this home will warm the cockles of your heart.

Let's take a look!

An impressive entrance

From the get go, we can see just how beautiful and charming this home is with its stone cottage look and feel. 

Stone stairs lead up to a large stone terrace, which makes for a very welcoming entrance. Remember that no matter what type of home you have, you want your entrance to be warm and appealing. The designers have managed to achieve this here by placing a wooden bench on the right hand side of the front door, paired with pot plants and flowers throughout this space. This not only creates a comfortable little spot to sit and enjoy the beautiful mountain views, but it adds a bit of natural decor to the space.

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The large glass front door as well as the glass windows featured under the gable roof merge modern design with traditional charm.

A merging of materials

If we make our way around the side of the house, we can see how stone and wood have been used together to create a very earthy and rustic design. This is a great example of how raw materials can work together to create a truly impactful result. Raw materials are also very durable so they are a great option!

There is also another entrance to the house on this side, which is just as charming and welcoming as the entrance we have just explored. Pot plants or flowers can really mean the difference between a beautiful entrance and a boring entrance.

From this angle we can also see how the wooden elements warm up the stone design, which otherwise may look a bit cold. The roof is also made from a darker, stone material so the addition of wood makes a big difference. 

An illusion

Now if we head around to the back of the house, we can see that it is much bigger than we may have originally thought!

The designers have played with the landscape available to them, molding the home into the slope of the land. The result is a double-storey home that looks very grand and impressive from this angle. Don't you love the wooden wrap-around balcony that runs along the first floor?

The garden is very neat and well landscaped, making for an appealing green area that can be used for a multitude of functions. There is also a garage on the right side of the property, where cars, bicycles and other items can be stored neatly away. As every Canadian will know, this is a big draw card!

Homely interiors

If we make our way into the home, we come across a very cozy living room

Neutral colours and raw materials dominate this space, including wooden furniture and ceiling beams, stone floors and sandy-toned walls. However there is charm and personality oozing out of every corner.

The sofas are bright and warm, finished in red tones and enhanced by vibrant and colourful cushions. There is also artwork on the walls and decor items on the surfaces, creating a home that is packed with the family's personal tastes. 

We can also see how pot plants have been included in the interior of the home, bringing a natural form of decor to the space – a wonderful tip!

Open plan design

In this image, we can see how the dining room, kitchen and living room flow into one another, which makes for a very interactive space for the family. While the furniture and design in this home is quite rustic and traditional, the open plan design is a very modern concept. It means that the chef can always engage with friends and family while cooking up a storm.

You'll notice, however, that the kitchen is slightly separated from the living area thanks to a beautiful wooden kitchen island. This creates a subtle boundary as well as an extra surface area for the family to prepare food and store kitchen items neatly away.

This image also shows us what an impact wood can make in an interior design. It truly brings a warm and earthy touch to the space, fitting in perfectly with the style of the home.

Dining in style

The dining room is elegant and sophisticated, despite the rustic undertones. The designers have played careful attention to detail in order to achieve this. 

The chandelier that hangs from the ceiling, while a more traditional lighting fixture, brings a bit of luxury to the space while ensuring that there is a wonderful soft glow in the room when diners sit down to enjoy a meal. The table is decorated with beautiful antique crockery. A pot of roses is the final touch, adding a refreshing form of decor to the space.

This is a home that is simple, yet very appealing. Tucked away under the mountains, you'd never want to leave here!

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Does this rustic style appeal to you?

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