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This Colourful Farmhouse Will Cheer You Up

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This farmhouse designed by architects from DUA Architecture LLP is unlike any other that you're bound to come across. With a slight resemblance to an old Dutch or Spanish mill, this unique family home in Christchurch features an assortment of colourful blocks that make up its open concept living area and sleeping tower. Like something out of a coloring book, this wild and imaginative home sets a playful, light mood everywhere you look!

Unexpected Colours

In a golden, unkempt prairie filled with long grasses and clovers, the last thing you'd expect to see is a large purple tower rising out of the hedges. But here you have it! This home doesn't fit its context – it creates its context. With a funky combination of yellow-green and lavender framed with matte grey and brown, one look at this colorful home will tell you that you've come across something special. Emanating happiness – and a touch of the surreal – this farmhouse gives you a cheery greeting from the start.

An Elevated Patio

In addition to the large backyard, this home takes advantage of outdoor space with an expansive wooden deck elevated slightly off the ground. Yet another angle of this home reveals yet another style, this time highlighting the fresh and simple modern design of the home's bright green section.

A Big Backyard

modern Houses by DUA Architecture LLP
DUA Architecture LLP

Hillside Farm Exterior Three

DUA Architecture LLP

The unique purple tower enjoys a prime view of the large backyard that sprawls away from this country home. From this angle, you can see the dark wooden mass of the home, creating an even more interesting contrast between the storybook tower and conventional country chalet look of the lower mass of the home.

Colours Everywhere

In keeping with the mismatched multi-colored theme, this open concept interior has pops of bright and bold colors everywhere you look! With a highly unconventional purple couch and equally unique orange and blue armchairs (and don't even mention the green area rug in the middle of the room) this space looks like it popped out of a box of crayons. The atmosphere created by this colorful space is one of creativity, playfulness, and invention, where you can expect the unexpected.

The farmhouse tone of this property is conserved, however, in the conventional exposed beam architecture that fills the upper half of the space, making for a room that resembles an artistic, modern version of a farmyard barn.

With a blend of traditional and modern styles, this home's design falls somewhere within the boundaries of a style called modern romanticism. If you're intrigued by this eclectic aesthetic, have a look at another home in the Netherlands that blends a fairytale with modern life.

Old Fashioned Pipe Stove

In keeping with the farmhouse structure of this main room, the living room enjoys heat from an old fashioned pipe stove in the corner. However, as this home can't seem to settle down into farmhouse life, the cozy fireplace area in the center of the room has been replaced with a clean white wall and dramatic contemporary painting. Blending the old with the new is what this home does best.

A Blend of Shapes

In addition to the fun assortment of color in this home, the design features a blend of interesting shapes, and here in this kitchen these shapes become obvious. Overhead, an oval-shaped false ceiling is suspended from the triangular shapes of the ceiling beams, while an oval counter reflects its rounded edges below. Details in the cabinetry draw attention to their blocky, rectangular forms, while pops of pastel on the stools make you notice their circular shape. To the left, a rounded wall softens the strong, straight lines of the ceiling. Overall, this room is a highly dynamic space full of a variety of shapes that keep things interesting!

Practical Touches

modern Kitchen by DUA Architecture LLP
DUA Architecture LLP

Hillside Farm Kitchen Three

DUA Architecture LLP

It's not just crazy colorful – the home is practical as well. Just look at all that stainless steel (for easy cleaning)! This kitchen houses plenty of cabinets, counter space, and convenience for a large family.

Themed Bedroom

Just as the rest of the home is a varied journey through themes, this bedroom offers a themed look with an American flag bedspread and classic country feel. Wooden blinds and a wicker chair are just enough to offer a hint that this home is really a farmhouse – although it can often seem an adventure through a magical children's tale.

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