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Design Lesson: Cooking Up The Perfect Kitchen

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A good meal starts with proper kitchen. But design one with ergonomics in mind, and it might just turn you into a gourmet chef, or at the very least a cook who is coolly comfortable in his or her space. 

Ergonomics is the study and design of equipment and devices that fit the human body and its cognitive abilities. Applied to a kitchen layout, it creates an intuitive passage through the space, as well as the most efficient and comfortable cooking environment.

Counter-tops and shelves are positioned to fit the height and ability of the cook,  pots are stored where they are most frequently used, and sinks and appliances are located to encourage  logical movement between tasks. How do you get a functional and beautiful kitchen, that your inner chef will delight in? Let's answer that question by outlining some tips for getting the best out of your kitchen. 

The Work Triangle

The kitchen work triangle is made between the sink, fridge, and stove. You'll frequently travel these three distances when making a meal, so you want them to be no more than six meters apart, in total. While stunning, this kitchen doesn't appear to have a fridge, but the stove and sink are a fair distance apart. If the fridge is on the opposite side of the room, the residents will be frustrated when they have to cross the room constantly while cooking. 


For kitchen cabinets, wood is a great option. Oak or beech are easy to clean and add warmth to the room. If your budget isn't quite up for the challenge of real wood, just fake it! You can get laminate in plenty of colours and textures, whether you want to mimic the real thing closely or put a unique spin on the natural beauty. 


The biggest mistake people make when installing their own cabinets is forgetting to make sure that they can open, especially in the corners. You'll want to use a carousel drawer in the corners instead, and tuck a lazy susan into it. Remember that the cupboards are by default 60cm deep, but if you get them custom ordered you can add more room, or less if you're short on space. 


Warehouse kitchen design LWK London Kitchens Industrial style kitchen
LWK London Kitchens

Warehouse kitchen design

LWK London Kitchens

Speaking of customization, don't feel limited by the traditional layouts and functions of classic kitchens. Consider adding any kind of feature, even that feel more at home in other rooms in the house. This sidetable/seat next to the cabinets is a great example, adding function and unusual shape to the room. You can try something a little more subtle if you prefer, like cabinets that open upward, stoves set at waist level, or anything else your heart desires. Check out our kitchen gallery for more examples of innovative kitchen design. 


Another element to consider when designing your kitchen is visual balance. Note how this kitchen's white surfaces balance out the wood, both horizontally and vertically. It makes for a very sophisticated space if you can balance with colours, or with shapes. 


This most important aspect of kitchens should not be overlooked. You want ample lighting, pointed directly at the counter-top, for those midnight snacks. You also want something stylish, that breaks out of the typical kitchen mold, so go for bright colours or unusual shapes. 

If you're looking for more kitchen inspiration, this home's kitchen is truly grand! 

What your best tip for kitchen design?

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