A Dull Office Becomes a Charming Home

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The elegant and picturesque Spanish capital of Madrid is peppered with breathtaking architectures, stunning parks, and is a rich hub for European art. And here, on the Rafael Salgado Street, we chanced upon a gorgeous and tasteful family home which was once a conventional and uninspiring embassy office. The present owners desired a renovation which would replace the commonplace designs found in workplaces like dull corridors and lifeless shelves with cosier, trendier and more luxurious elements. So the architects at Diseno y Arquitectura Interior rose up to the challenge and dramatically altered the old office in just three months. The residence today is filled with artistic and visually appealing touches, lavish furnishing, vintage charm and all homely comforts.

Before: Compartmentalised and boring

Sliding doors used to separate the different functional areas of the office before, and made for a dated and uninviting appearance. The numerous shelves though utilitarian, looked too formal and cold.

After: Bright, white and luxurious living

By bidding adieu to the sliding doors and official looking shelves, the living area now looks refreshingly expansive, bright and airy. White is the dominating hue here, peppered with touches of pink, red, green, and more. Lavish couches, sleek coffee tables, beautiful indoor greens, and pretty paintings make this space welcoming, cosy and aesthetically inspiring. Large glass windows on the right bring in oodles of natural light, while the white chandelier makes for a glamorous touch in the evenings.

After: Arty way to dine

Decked with gorgeous painted panels, a quaint round mirror and a sleek sideboard adorned with books and knickknacks, the dining space is perfect for enjoying yummy meals. The glass-topped table is supported by unique wood and metal pillars, while the artistically crafted chairs look almost regal. A potted green in the corner and a quirky chandelier complete the inviting look here.

Before: Lifeless corridors

The clinically white environs of the corridors previously had the typical formal aura that you experience in offices. The wooden flooring and the beams on the ceiling failed to make these spaces endearing or interesting.

After: Modern and stylish

Now, decked with floral wallpaper, soft pastel hues, and gently glowing recessed lights, the corridors look graceful and cheerful. Exactly what a happy family needs to go from one part of the abode to another!

Before: Ordinary and gloomy kitchen

Bulky white cabinets with dashes of yellow, drab backsplash tiles, and absolutely unappealing floor tiles contributed to the gloomy and old-fashioned vibe of this office kitchen.

After: What a stylish place to cook!

White peppered with gleaming chrome and light-hued wood is the colour palette of the bright revamped kitchen. Sleek cabinets and smart niches for all modern appliances make this a stylish as well as convenient space, while a compact nook acts as a home office and laundry station with ease. Bright recessed lights help in executing culinary chores, while a pendant lamp hangs over the quaint breakfast arrangement on the left for a soothing ambiance.

Before: Shabby bathroom

Dated tiles with grimy edges, bleak fixtures, boring sanitary wares, and lack of sufficient light made this bathroom look cramped, uninviting and gloomy.

After: Vintage charm

Large mirrors, sleek glass shower panels and sophisticated pastel hues now make the bathroom a bright, airy and refreshing space. The vintage style under-sink cabinet is a charming touch, while trendy fixtures add to the smartness quotient here.

After: Dreamy and cozy bedroom

Rendered in gentle tones of white, cream and grey, the master bedroom is a subtly luxurious and dreamy sight to behold. The plush bed with its striped duvet and plump pillows, the elegant bedside lamps, the graceful chandelier, and the sheer curtains all blend to create an atmosphere of utter relaxation.

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