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The Tiny Prefab Home With Incredible Texture

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Modern living room by COLECTIVO CREATIVO Modern
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This home's checkerboard looks is marvelous and unique. The amazing texture doesn't stop on the interior either! Architects Colectivo Creativo have even provided us with their mock-up of the building's exterior paneling and interior layout, which provide some insights into their design process. Let's get started on our tour of this incredible tiny home. 

Intriguing Exterior

The architects leaned into the shape of this former shipping container by adding square paneling. The colours are natural and warm, matching the plain timber porches and the natural surroundings nicely. The surrounding landscaping also looks lovely, with short reeds and round bushes on the left, and an elegant tree in the background. 

Panelling Plans

If it doesn't look like the colours on these plans match up, its because they don't. The darkest colour on the plans has been replaced with an even darker shade, a black, to create more contrast in the final look. That's the advantage of planning not just for dimensions but also for colour, you can see how the shades look together and adjust if something is not quite right. 

Natural Interior

The textures on the interior of the home still emphasize the natural, but use much less colour. The lovely timber on the floor and ceiling are identical and their light colour emphasizes their dark and textured knots. A different approach was taken for the walls, which are made of a rougher composite material. This cost-effective material makes sense in a tiny home, where affordability is usually a big emphasis, but it doesn't compromise on texture. 

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Layout Mock-Up

This container home is larger than most at thirty-seven metres squared. From the plans we can see that it's a two bedroom, which is pretty incredible considering it's size. The design is all about maximizing that space, so the bathroom and kitchen share a wall to minimize the space the utility hook-ups require. Also, the small hallway stops at the master bedroom to surrender it's space for the bedroom's use.  


The second bedroom is currently being used as a study. It has the same neutral furniture as the main living space, but has thrown some cute decor into the mix. We love how the floral wall stencils match the black window. Plus they're an easy DIY project you could replicate at home! 

Master Bedroom

This practical modern bed is just what's need in the small master bedroom of a tiny house. The white side table is sleek and the walnut headboard provides some contrast to the other materials in the room while maintain the natural style of the home. Also, we love that the architects thought to put in two windows on opposite walls, to allow for a breeze to sweep through the room. 

From the Back

Let's take one last look at that lovely checkerboard pattern. From this angle we can see the adorable landscaping a little better too. Those cute round bushes will fill in with time. 

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Would you use that exterior paneling on your own home? Let us know in the comments! 
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