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Wooden houses exude a special charm.

If woodworking is your hobby (or profession), then this list of wooden homes will delight you. Woodworkers know there's a certain pleasure in chiselling and whittling a masterpiece.

As we will show you today on homify, wooden houses take on a very pleasant look and feel, without compromising on comfort and a sense of natural design. 

Whoever imagines a wooden house as a small, rustic garden shed structure is very much mistaken! In fact, the range of wooden house designs is endless and offers a variety of architectural languages. Woodwork is an art!

It is very impressive to see the different ways, shapes and sizes that this natural material can be put to use. We are going to demonstrate this today in the form of several fabulous projects by top professionals from around the world. 

You will be astonished by the following designs!

1. Wood in a different order

This house makes for a very dramatic design. It is made of Lincoln logs!

This is a real eye-catcher, especially the roof with its massive trunks. This wooden house is defined by several areas and is especially appealing in winter with its warm, homely ambiance. 

This is a true romantic space where you can feel comfortable and cozy all year round.

2. The classic

Let's start with the classics.

This wooden house is reminiscent of a garden shed in fact, but is far more useful and functional, in a larger version. This is a beautiful place to live in!

The rectangular building is completed with a gabled roof, while the beams serve as support for the protruding roof cover, which at the same time allow this space to double up as a terrace that is shaded and protected. 

The compact facade is interspersed with very generous windows, allowing sunshine to flow into the interiors.

3. A special and unique design

This dark-coloured wood is especially appealing with its white stained ends that contrast beautifully with the dark tones. This makes for a very exciting vision!

The matching white frames of the window also contrasts with the dark tones, playing with light and dark shades. This climaxes in the roof, which takes on all of the tones at once.

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4. Contemporary wooden house with class

This wooden house skilfully combines the charming rustic wooden cabin style with a very modern and minimalist design.

The dynamically placed logs introduce the natural building material, creating a very elegant appearance. The balcony is very unique and is enhanced by the effective, subtle and gorgeous indirect lighting.

5. Romantic wooden house in a bungalow style

This bungalow-style house offers a lot of benefits, especially when you think of the type of place that you'd like to grow old in. 

It's made of wood with a lot of detail in the design as well as a decoratively terrace. This is a truly modern house with romantic overtones. The gazebo completes the appearance!

6. Minimalist-modern

This wooden house presents minimalism in the best way. The cubic design not only keeps all of the living areas on one level, but it allows the home to spill out onto a gorgeous terrace area. 

We can see how the terrace extends along the entire length of the home, extending the living space to the outside space while providing plenty of opportunity for relaxing in the cozy seating area. 

This is definitely a favorite place for the family to spend their time!

7. Great wooden villa

With wood, any design can be realized and this is proven by this gorgeous villa. The generous construction combines natural building materials in a particularly graceful manner with extensive glazing and a richly decorated roof.

Tradition and modernity meet equally here. With the lovely surrounding garden, the overall picture is perfect.

8. Elegant material combination

With wood as a natural base, this design sees it joined wonderfully with glass to create a very modern look and feel.

The massive and transparent lightness is a huge architectural success, resulting in a harmonious and charming fusion.

9. Mountain chalet with a modern interpretation

In additional to glass, natural stone also perfectly merges with wood. In this image, we can see how successful these two natural materials are when they meet, creating a home that is full of character. This is a very attractive and aesthetically appealing design. 

The glass also softens the grand size, finishing the design off like a cherry on top.

10. In the cubic style

Wood was used in abundance in this design, with a facade that is almost completely glazed. 

Narrow wooden slats form the cladding, introducing that raw and natural building material to the design. A second frame has been added, serving as the balcony as well as the canopy for the ground floor. 

The spectacular interior lighting sets the tone of the home, creating a beautiful scene.

Advantages of wooden houses

These examples show just how many ways that wood can be used. From a small garden shed to an extravagant wooden villa, there are so many different designs that can be realized.

But that's not all. Wooden houses offer further advantages that can be summarized as following:

1. Wood is an environmentally friendly building material if properly sourced from sustainable producers or stores that sell certified wood. Three forest certification systems are used in Canada, those of the Canadian Standards Association, the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

2. If locally sourced, there are lower construction costs due to shorter transport routes.

3. It features good sound and thermal insulation.

4. A wooden house makes for a very good indoor climate.

5. It features versatile design options.

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Would you opt for a wooden home design?

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