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Using colors to pimp up your home

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Today, we are going to visit Italy, where design professionals Ristrutturazione GC7 have created a charming little home that adds a splash of color here and there to bring life and soul to the space.

As we explore this home, we will see how a neutral color palette in a stylish, modern home can adopt a bit of color here and there for a touch of vibrancy, setting the home apart. 

In today's design and decor, we often go for very simple and chic earthy tones, but this project is proof that you can afford to be a little bit more creative. As we explore the space room by room, you'll be inspired to add a little bit of personality and charm to your own home.


The outside of the home is evidently modern and sleek, with clean lines and contemporary architecture. The double-story design almost takes on a cubic shape.

While earthy tones have been employed throughout this space, the bottom level of the home features a gorgeous yellow facade. This is very subtle, but very sophisticated!

The yellow tones brighten up the architecture, while working in harmony with the beige colors used for the rest of the facade as well as the chocolate brown tiling that runs around the house, bridging the home with the garden. The designers have also chosen white window frames and dark brown shutters, which work very well with the yellow tones.

The delightful interior

The interior of the home employs a neutral color base with wooden floors and white walls, yet we can see that the designers have taken this a step further.

For starters, the living room features very unique and detailed shelving, which doubles up as a functional feature in the house as well as a design piece. It also subtly separates different rooms in the living area, while providing a space where books, decor items and other accessories can be placed neatly on display.

Soft lavender and green tones have been introduced to this space in the form of some funky and cozy looking sofas as well as the beautiful artwork on the walls. 

homify tip: Artwork is a very stylish and elegant way to introduce some personality and charm to your home. 

From another angle

In this image, we can see how the artwork truly works in harmony with the furniture in this space. It has also been carefully picked out and hung up with care and attention to detail.

When it comes to hanging up your artwork, you don't want it to look skew on the wall or for the spacing between pieces to be uneven. Make sure that you use proper measuring tools to hang up your artwork or hire a professional to help you.

Have a look at these 6 simple tips to hang your frames with elegance.

You'll also notice in this image how soft dimming lights have been installed in the ceiling to provide this space with a wonderful ambiance, illuminating the detail and color in the living area. This is another great tip!

The minimalist kitchen

The designers haven't had too much space to work with when it comes to the kitchen, thus they've adopted a minimalist design and have chosen very simple tones.

In this image, we can clearly see how the dark brown tiles contrast beautifully with the sleek white cupboards, walls and counter tops. There is also nothing on the counter tops or on the walls that isn't necessary or functional. This keeps the small area looking neat and tidy.

However, even here the designers couldn't help themselves. They've added a splash of color. Can you see where?

That's right the handles are a very subtle way to bring a little bit of personality and vibrancy to a simple space.

Creating space

In this angle, we can see how a little breakfast bar has been created, extending the kitchen out subtly and providing more space for the family to get together over cups of coffee or morning bowls of cereal.

Not only does this provide the illusion of space, but a kitchen island or breakfast bar also furnishes this area with an extra surface area for cooking and preparing food as well as an extra space to store kitchen items.

Have a look at these kitchen islands to treasure to see what we mean.

The simple dining room

The dining room is also very simple and minimalist but the designers have used the furniture itself to bring in green tones.

You'll notice that they haven't overwhelmed the space with color, however. They've used a predominantly white table and chairs and simple added two green chairs into the design, injecting that little bit of vibrancy into the overall look and feel.

The fireplace

We end off our tour looking at the fireplace, which has been subtly added into a functional wall. Not only does it look stylish, but it ensures this home is cozy and warm throughout winter.

Fireplaces are a must for any home that is situated in a cool climate. It's a wonderful design focal point and gives the family and friends a focal point that they can gather around.

Have a look at these hot fireplaces for the modern house to see what we mean!

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