This Smart Yurt Makes Green Living a Breeze

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Virginie Farges Modern houses
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Nomadic people living on steppes first came up with this round home design. Traditionally, they were more like tents than our modern homes, but the newest Yurts have sturdier builds with modern amenities, if the homeowner should wish. Architect Virginia Ferges designed this round house with the best green technology available, and designed it to take advantage of some incredible views right at the home's doorstep. 

Tons of Green Tech

Garden, solar panels, straw roof, every element of green living has been added to this home. The solar panels have been placed at the perfect angle to capture maximum sunlight. We love how the front door is overlooking the garden, so the residents can always see their plants growing. As for that straw roof, if you don't know about this amazing green material you need to read our guide on building with straw


Beneath the simple wooden exterior (and the sweet pergola) there is a good deal of architectural strategy. The home was erected on a pile foundation, and came to the site partly pre-fabricated to speed up the construction. The wood is untreated, and combined with gypsum board, cellulose wadding and wood wool. These natural material reduce the home's ecological footprint, and give it some incredible insulating properties.  

The View

The owners of this yurt are truly lucky to have such a marvelous view next door. We love how the architect has given the home a circular porch that curves along with the home. The simple wood construction also feels very in tune with this amazing natural scenery. 

The Other Side

On the other side of the home the porch is straight and connects with  raised garden bed. Right now it appears to be decorative in nature, with rocks and mosses intermingled for a natural look. This is a great place for the patio furniture. If you look closely you can see that the lovely tile pattern on the table top has been replicated on the chair's seats as well. 


The simple wooden interior is just what you'd expect from this green yurt. One of its best features is the skylight in the centre of the roof, which allows for natural lighting that reduces the need for electrical lights. It also acts as an air vent in the warm months, allowing hot air to flow out of the yurt and keeping it cool and breezy. 

Last Look

This beautiful circular yurt is truly paradise for those who wish to live green. If you're looking for more green living tips you'll love our six clever tips for collecting rainwater at home.

Would you consider living in this yurt? Let us know in the comments! 

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