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10 Perfect Grills To Put You In A Summer Mood

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Pleasant warm weather is best enjoyed by hosting weekend barbeques with friends and family. While grilling or roasting some elaborate delicacy in the open air, you can easily lounge around, sunbathe, read or listen to some good music. All you need is a smart and stylish outdoor kitchen which allows you to enjoy the beautiful climate while cooking and relishing flavourful dishes. We understand it's probably too cold in parts of Canada to consider grilling at the moment but here are 10 brilliant ideas to put you in that summer mood as winter sets in.

1. Contemporary and professional

Rendered in elegant neutral hues, this terrace kitchen has subtly demarcated functional spaces and is fitted with modern appliances and smart accessories.

2. Country style charm

A brick-lined furnace can add a chic dash of rusticity to your outdoor kitchen and be perfect for baking breads or pies. A granite counter and trendy pendant lamps can add spice to the setting as well.

3. Stony splendour

A stylishly built metal wire cage has been filled with rugged grey stones for earthy appeal, while its centre accommodates a fireplace or grill. An ornately carved vessel holds wooden logs underneath, and adds warmth and personality to the patio.

4. Round the year kitchen

Constructed with sturdy and hard-wearing materials, this outdoor kitchen is conveniently separated from the indoor kitchen through glass sliding doors and has been positioned under a large tree for gentle breezy experiences.

5. The magic of high ceilings

This outdoor kitchen enjoys an open air look and feel, thanks to the very high ceilings which almost go unobserved. The roof protects the kitchen and dining arrangement from extreme heat and rain, without hampering the influx of light. Special electrical connections have been made to install ceiling fans and lights.

6. Blend of rustic and modern

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Bricks and shiny chrome elements come together in this rustic yet contemporary outdoor kitchen, where ample ventilation has been ensured to remove odours and fumes. Countertops have been provided as well to aid in prepping, chopping and plating.

Welcome light

Outdoor Cooler Blastcool Garden Accessories & decoration

Outdoor Cooler


A wooden roof can protect your outdoor kitchen or dining area from unfavourable climatic conditions, but don’t let it hamper the influx of natural light. These roofs can be fitted with clear glass or transparent polycarbonate to allow sunlight to filter in with ease.

7. Furnace from fairytales

Crafted from stones, bricks and cement, this quirky grill and oven unit reminds us of something like the handiwork of elves in fairytales. Curves and unusual angles define its contours, making the structure ideal for a corner of the patio or terrace. Credit goes to suppliers of fireplaces from Fazzone Camini.

8. Integrating with outdoors

Go for a closed outdoor kitchen with glass walls and doors which merge it visually with the open terrace, garden or patio. When left open, the glass doors will also enable ample ventilation and circulation. Install chimneys and hoods too, to keep odours and fumes at bay.

9. Choose materials carefully

Outdoor grills and kitchens are often prone to the accumulation of dust, dirt, leaves or insects. So, to keep things clean and make them last long, pick resistant textures like bricks, treated wood, stone, and neutral hues which don’t show dirt.

So make the most of summer days with an outdoor kitchen which suits your needs and whims the best. Check out another interesting story here - 13 Fabulous Entrance Designs For Small Homes.

10. Kitchen and terrace come together

Equipped with a wooden roof, ceramic floor, concrete countertop, pretty tiles and chrome fixtures, this protected outdoor kitchen merges seamlessly with airy and green terrace. Textured walls add character to both spaces, while soothing lights lend a magical vibe.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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