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6 Tricks To Transform Your Apartment

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There comes a time for every homeowner or renter when one’s abode just isn’t living up to its expectations. This is usually a slow, almost undetectable process that begins with a slow slump and finishes with a puzzled glance around the room where you find yourself wondering how you ever got to this point in the first place.  Luckily your style slump can be fixed rather inexpensively and quickly. Actionable and accessible, today homify brings you 10 easy ways to beautify your city apartment.

1. Throw cushions

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Scrunch cushion


Throw cushions are one of the fastest, easiest and budget-friendly ways to update your home’s décor. If you fancy yourself a sewer, you might want to attempt a DIY project (two old silk scarfs look neat sewn together, and you can work wonders with an old T-shirt!). The best part about re-vamping your throw cushions is that a mix-and-match vibe is completely acceptable – if you'd like to switch out some (but not all) of your throw cushions, you'll find that you can combine the old with new to create fun pattern, texture, and colour contrasts. Faux fur, mismatched prints, and colour blocking are especially popular.

2. Add a Splash of Green

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rigby & mac

Black and White Enamel Pot

rigby & mac

There's never been a faster way to freshen your home – no matter the size of the apartment, you still have room for the instant sense of life and energy that plants bring to your home. Paint the pots to personalize your new plant life, or create a small herb garden in your kitchen if you find you're more of a practical plant grower. Either way, adding plants can be done for just a few dollars, and their psychological and aesthetic benefits are numerous!

3. Clear out bathroom clutter with a new cabinet

Professional interior designers are well aware  of how clutter can affect a home and psyche of the people in it. Feeling weighed down by your stuff? You've probably got some unused or retired items tucked away that are mentally weighing down your space, even if you can't see them. A common culprit is the bathroom cabinet, as it's often the receptacle for anything that needs to get put away in a hurried rush before walking out the door. Pitch the half-used lotions and stretched-out hair ties, and consider a new shelf or cabinet that will help keep things in order.

4. Add a mirror

Easier than carefully selecting a piece of art, opt for a mirror – it will simply reflect what you've already got in your room, and it will magnify light in order to brighten the space. In this bedroom example, a good mirror brings pizzaz and style, and a look like this can be purchased for reasonable prices from local thrift stores or second hand shops.

5. Go neutral

Many modern interiors go for a minimalist or natural look by presenting a colour scheme in a range of neutrals. Forego the dark blue bathroom you thought would look amazing – opt for a neutral palette, and you won't be sorry!

6. Wall art

Espacios decorados by Wallart CUSTOMS handmade Walls
CUSTOMS handmade

Espacios decorados by Wallart

CUSTOMS handmade

Adding wall art is a great solution for anyone who can't seem to settle on just one style – if you find that you're constantly re-doing your space, consider wall art to be your best friend, as it can come and go with your moods. Don't be fooled into thinking that once it's on the walls it has to stay there for eternity – take it down and change it out when it's not aligned with who you are anymore. Consider printing some photos you have taken, or try your hand at some collage or painting. Once you frame and hang them on the wall, you’ll be surprised how great your new room looks.

7. Install a wallpaper mural

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If painting or photography is a little too much effort for your tastes, why not opt for a wall paper contrast wall? Wallpaper comes in a range of different styles, including large murals, and can instantly beautify and transform a space.

8. Replace the fronts of your kitchen cupboards

If you've already cleaned out the fridge and found that your kitchen is still getting you down, consider refacing the cabinets and cupboard doors. Substitute them with something sleek and fresh – and wallet-friendly. Refacing is cheaper than replacement, and saves you an enormous amount of time, too!

9. Mount Your T.V.

Remember when you bought that new flat-screen, and you thought about how great it would look mounted on your wall, only to abandon the attempt by letting it sit idly on the shelf? Often, these seemingly onerous household tweaks take only minutes to complete but they get placed on the back burner for months before getting fully completed (which results in situations like wondering why you didn't just finish screwing on that broken dresser drawer handle a year ago if you knew it was going to be so easy). A bracket to mount your television costs very little, but will improve your interior décor tenfold.

Not fresh enough yet? Try aromatherapy with this room-by-room scent guide!

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