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From Africa From Africa Modern living room
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The living room is increasingly becoming the place where families come together to catch up and talk about their day or quietly relax in front of the TV: the new 'heart' of the nuclear family home, you could say. Many of us quite like the idea of being the sort of family that crowds around a game of Monopoly for an evening of good humour and cordiality, but in reality, after a long day at work and running a household, there isn't always the time or energy to be a sociable family unit: in fact, we often find ourselves quite content nodding off on the couch instead. 

However, if you create a space that appeals to every family member,  you will naturally spend more time there together, and be more inclined to utilise the room. A comfortable and enjoyable living room that reflects the needs of the family and the individual tastes of each family member can really bring generations together, providing a memorable backdrop to family occasions and quality time spent in each others company. Therefore, the living room shouldn't be underrated; quality shouldn't be compromised, and style should be a priority. These luxury contemporary living rooms are fun and sophisticated, and should hopefully give you some ideas on how to create your own perfect living room for everyone to enjoy:

Vintage and modern mix

This quirky living room mixes vintage and modern furnishings for an eclectic look. The bold pink and yellow chairs pop against the monochrome background, and flecks of colour on the cushions, as well as in the extravagant chandelier, provide a subtle balance and continuity to the design. This room proves family rooms can be cool and contemporary: created with a family in mind, the interiors are fun and child-friendly, and don't take themselves too seriously. Family portraits form a display on the back wall, demonstrating how modern designs can reflect real life and real personalities. 

If you'd like to create a similar look in your lounge, check out this contemporary collection of more colourful couches

Creative living

Hamilton Terrace KSR Architects Living room
KSR Architects

Hamilton Terrace

KSR Architects

This living room calls out to lovers of all things minimalist and modern, with abstract impressionist art hanging on the walls, and eye-catching sculptures exhibited to promote debate. Why not choose provocative or indefinable works of art to inspire a conversation – it's a great way of getting to learn more about someone's point of view, and leaves the door open for further personal discussion. Of course, ultra modern living rooms such as this aren't for everyone, but you could incorporate elements of modern design into a more traditional room for some extra flair. 

Classical living room

Traditional designs can look very elegant when mixed with modern fittings and finishing touches, such as these contemporary blue couches and industrial style lightshades. In this design, luxury and practicality intertwine to create a visually interesting, open plan living area. Large windows welcome in lots of light, and this, combined with the fresh white and blue colour scheme, makes the apartment seem bigger. Remember: luxury isn't restricted to big, fancy estates, and quality is always more important than quantity. 

Peppy prints

Bloominville Storage Unit House Envy Living room
House Envy

Bloominville Storage Unit

House Envy

Give yourself a pep talk every day as soon as you walk into the lounge with framed slogan prints or a printed rug. Personalised prints are also available if you prefer something specific that will get you motivated and keep you thinking positive. These sorts of prints have grown in popularity in recent years, and are often associated with a cool, hipster vibe. Teamed with grown up, Scandinavian inspired furnishings this lounge is bang on trend.

Clean lines and symmetry

Duke Street, Mayfair Perfect Integration Living room
Perfect Integration

Duke Street, Mayfair

Perfect Integration

The fireplace makes a great centrepiece, whether you opt for a traditional or modern design. For as long as people can remember, the mantelpiece has been the spot to display all of our finest treasures, though these days its more likely to be a painting or antique mirror than collectable knick-knacks. Sleek lines, symmetry, and tidy displays, like these well-ordered and themed cabinets, are common considerations when designing a modern home. Simple, tasteful cabinets allow you to proudly show off your ceramics, books, and ornaments, without the living room looking cluttered. 

Animal prints

From Africa From Africa Modern living room
From Africa

From Africa

From Africa

If animal prints are more your style, there is a way to do it without it looking dated. It's a tough trend to get right, but these African inspired interiors illustrate how to go about implementing it in a subtle way. If you think along the lines of Safari chic rather than 80s catwalk, you'll be on the right track. As with all prints, less is more, and if you want a living room that looks elegant and luxurious, keep other colours and textiles plain and neutral.

If you haven't quite had your fill of luxurious lounges, more design inspiration can be found here.

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