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The Eco-Friendly Home That Embraces The Sun

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Gerard Rijnsdorp Architect Country style house
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In the municipality of Reeuwijk in Netherlands, we came across the Villa Oudeweg, a smart and contemporary abode designed by the architects at Gerard Rijnsdorp Architect. With three bedrooms in the basement and common areas on the ground floor, this stylishly and cleverly built abode allows the ample influx of sunlight through strategically placed glass windows and doors. The ground floor rests on a partially raised platform and lends a quirky look to the property. Read on to discover the eco-friendly delights of this home as well.

Trendy and nature-loving facade

The residence has been constructed in an L-shape and comprises of two blocks, one with a flat roof and the other with a sloping roof. While the flat roof has a garden growing all over it for natural insulation, the sloping roof features solar cells which generate electricity for the entire household and an electric car. Large glass sheets have been used in abundance for both blocks to usher in as much sunlight as possible, and to integrate the indoors with the outdoors. White and wooden hues dominate the abode for a contemporary look, while the manicured lawns and towering trees make for a verdant setting.

Bright living with a view

Encased dominantly in clear glass, the chic living space offers a refreshing view of the outdoors. A sleek and elegant metal fireplace pairs with earthy wooden flooring to help you bask in warmth as you watch day turn into night gracefully. From here, you can also catch a glimpse of the indoor as well as outdoor dining areas. The block with the flat roof houses these spaces and features glass doors which open up to the airy patio.

A thought for the basement

On the backside of the block with the sloping roof, you can see a number of large glass doors and windows which allow the basement to receive oodles of natural light and fresh air. Sleek windows below the raised deck also serve a similar purpose.

Sunny and airy kitchen

The backside of the block with the flat roof accommodates the kitchen, which comes with a long array of glass windows to let sunlight and air inside. We love how the grey stripes on the exterior walls complement the white window frames nicely.

Garden on top

The flat roof wows with its unique lush garden and pebbled edge. It is a fabulous way to naturally insulate the kitchen and dining area throughout the year. The layer of grass and herbs keep the block cool in summers, and retains warmth in winters with equal ease.

What a creative and inspiring home which embraces the boons of nature with style. Take another tour for more ideas - A Trendy Rural Retreat Amidst Natural Splendour.

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