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5 Modern houses with the blueprints to get ideas!

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Blueprints are the first step towards making your dream home a reality as they outline every graphic detail of the building in a multidimensional manner. Architects first build the multidimensional diagram based on space available in such a manner that it meets majority of basic demands that one may require from a residential building. If the house being constructed or renovated is a single family dwelling then it can be customized to suit specific requirements and depending on space available, size of room/s can be increased or decreased.

During construction of apartments too, architects or builders provide multidimensional pictures of entire building and of individual apartments. During this time, home buyers can ask specific questions about actual dimensions to scale drawings to have a better understanding of the size of rooms, cupboards, shelves, windows and other essentials. In this idea-book we have compared five blueprints to actual buildings to help our readers get a rough idea about how drawings translate into reality.

1. Blueprint of a flat

Our first blueprint design displays the layout of a simple flat to give the viewer a peek into the interior designer’s vision about decorating the entire home. Different colors and dimensions have been assigned to the objects to help our readers get a clear idea about different sections of the house and layout of permanent and temporary fixtures. This blueprint drawing is easy to understand as it outlines barriers of each room clearly with arrows and colors.

Interiors of the flat

Here is the replication of actual house created from the blueprint wherein we can see all the rooms with open floor layout. In this picture taken from the living room we see the dining area and kitchen at the far end of the hall with slim dresser against the wall in dining area that serves as storage unit. Wide walkway leads away from the main hall to other sections of the house like bedrooms and toilets.

2. First Floor with car park

This blueprint represents the ground floor of a single family dwelling with a living room, kitchen and dining area in the open floor design and garage beside the main entrance. The lower section of the house is reachable from the garage too as kitchen is connected to it, while upper section is connected through staircase from dining area.

A trendy living room

The actual results visible here are fantastic with furniture and walls of the house following same neutral tones of grey and brown for classic look. To avoid claustrophobic atmosphere the wall on dining area side has been glassed in to give a clear view of outside garden. The false ceiling in the kitchen area complements the lovely timber layered breakfast nook that subtly divides it from dining region.

3. Designing a patio

The owners of this plantation style home required a deck at center which would be visible from all windows of the house. The blueprint here has been divided into two sections where one shows just the deck around trees and another one with structures around the deck to give a visual idea of how the house will appear with the deck. As the owners were particular about preserving the trees, deck has been designed to keep them in focus.

The Central patio

The actual house is as was promised in the plan with central patio deck and long pinewood trees in the middle. Rooms that open into the central courtyard with the stylish wooden deck have glass fronts making it easy to connect with any family member that is lounging in the area. Cozy cushioned seating area and complete privacy makes this region a sort of open air family room with adequate lighting system and barbecue area.

4. Plan of exterior and interiors

This blueprint shows both the interiors and exteriors of the house that have been designed by architects to have a well-planned structure.  In the drawing exteriors of the house are represented by light gray and insides by black outlines while blue color represents the pool. This blueprint drawing is very easy to understand as it has a numbered list for each object along with dimensions to scale to make it legible for people that do not understand technical layouts.

4. Charming white house

The all-white house with the pool is the final creation of the blueprint we just showed you. The ceiling to floor length French doors with wispy curtains across the front shows the simple layout with white furnishings and somber lighting. From this angle the gentle pool on the deck appears like a sheet of glass as its surface shimmers against the setting sun.

An unconventional home

As most the blueprints we showed till now were of regular houses with pools, decks and other conventional attachments, we now show you an unconventional house structure that breaks the mold where “normal” homes are concerned. Built on a Y shaped piece of land the house is built across two arms that are interconnected through a tail like structure. All the rooms, galleries and restrooms have been explained with numbers given at the bottom of the drawing.

5. Actual structure

The finished house is easy to recognize with the blueprint in hand as it follows every line and curve according to the drawing though angle of the picture can be a little confusing making the structure look like a curvy T instead of a firm Y. The door facing us belongs to the garage that also provides a direct entry into the house while couple of glass fronted doors on the side open into living room region.

Here are some Modern Homes with floor plans for inspiration.

Casas inHAUS Modern houses

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