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10 Perfect Homes For Those Who Think Small But Mine

Leigh Leigh
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Many people consider a detached house for themselves and their family as a cozy and intimate option that may mean living in a smaller home. Such houses are usually an option for that dream vacation or as a retirement home where cleaning and maintenance will be inexpensive and you can lock up and go.

The concept of a small house of course varies from person to person with some feeling as though 1500 square feet is a small home and others, a mere 500 ft2. Today at homify, however, we are defining a small home as under 1000 ft2.

We are going to look at two or three-bedroom homes in this size, which mostly feature an open-plan living space. We will also look at how gardens and terraces are integrated into these designs. What all of these have in common, however, is that they are perfect for those who think small but mine!

1. Modular wooden house

This is a charming option for anyone who has ever dreamed in living in their own little wooden haven.

This home was designed by professionals specializing in carpentry and wooden homes. They have created a simple and modest piece of architecture, that is ideal for a retirement home with its single story and gorgeous little terrace.

2. Asymmetrical roofed house

The asymmetrical roof of different heights is the highlight of this charming house, where the exterior building materials have been used in harmony with one another to create a very warm and charming look and feel.

In this image we can see how the white tones meet with the wood and metal elements. Wood is always a good option for a home and is often used by architects for its natural beauty and rustic touch.

3. Made from straw, mud and brick

This is the perfect example of an ecological home! The wooden frame of the home is fleshed out by straw and brick materials, creating a home that is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and very appealing!

4. A modest example of Mediterranean architecture

This traditional and charming home emerges behind large pine trees, with a beautiful and expansive garden that only enhances the facade. The designers have opted for white tones and wooden finishes, which give this home a lovely yet subtle Mediterranean feel. 

It also stands out with its arched windows and doors and the red-tiled pergola.

5. Flat-roofed minimalist home

In this image, we come across a modern flat-roofed bungalow. 

The garden decor and landscaped architecture is dominated by minimalist lines that bring a sense of calm and tranquility to the home, which is intertwined with the nature that surrounds it. There is also a spacious atmosphere, despite the small size of the home.

Modern furniture has been used to decorate this space, while large windows and doors allow the home to spill out onto the exterior space. Thanks to the solar energy on the roof, the house also produces its own electricity.

The private swimming pool is just the cherry on top!

6. A cute and colourful house

This is a colourful home that may seem like a toy at first glance, attracting attention in a very short space of time. 

The perfect woodwork in this project is enhanced by the colours of the rainbow chosen for the design, which is very fitting for a beach house.

7. Minimalist home

Small houses that are single-storey are often chosen as they are a great advantage for couples and families with small children. They are a very popular choice in modern times.

In this image, we come across the next-generation bungalow with its sleek technology, modern building materials and edgy architecture that is ultra-stylish and durable.

8. A modern structure with traditional lines

The traditional roof in this image works with all of the other features chosen to enhance this ultra-modern structure with simple and clear lines, which stand out against the combination of the different materials.

If you like this type of design, you'll love how these designers have used colour to pimp their home.

9. With rustic details

This unusual structure utilizes a charcoal-grey facade that works in harmony with Asiatic features and rustic architecture, including a single-sloped roof and a simple but stylish two-storey residential structure.

What's more is that this home also has a stunning interior design.

10. The world ends at this amazing wooden house

We have kept the most interesting structure until the end. On the edge of the cliff, almost in mid air, this home is supported by wooden posts.

This is a gorgeous wooden home that is enhanced by the beautiful details and simple shape.

If you like this home, you'll love this unique wooden wonder.

Which small house is your favorite?
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