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6 Simple Secrets To Reduce Humidity In Your Home

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Building your own home is a momentous occasion and you obviously want the best creation that can fit your budget. But imagine after creating your stylish and comfortable abode, what a shock it would be to find that the indoor humidity is so high that it leads to respiratory problems and allergies as well as the production and spread of mould and mites that can harm your valued possessions and penetrate your walls! Excessive moisture in the house can be due to many reasons such as low quality construction, structural damage, etc., and today we are going to explore 6 amazing solutions to combat this problem and reduce the level of humidity in your home. Let’s have a look!

1. Ventilation

A good way to keep your house safe from too much moisture is adequate ventilation. Natural ventilation in the form of doors and windows, chimneys and vents is very useful for this purpose. In more humid spaces such as the bathroom and kitchen, exhaust fans are an excellent way to remove water vapour and control the level of moisture. It might interest you to know that this stylish bathroom was rendered by the interior designers at Til the End Studio.

2. Insulation

External Thermal Insulation (ETICS) RenoBuild Algarve Mediterranean style house
RenoBuild Algarve

External Thermal Insulation (ETICS)

RenoBuild Algarve

Proper insulation is vital for maintaining correct humidity levels and there are many insulation materials from which you can choose. These can also be installed outside the house. Temporary insulation methods include carpets, rugs, wool blankets, glass, saw dust and caulk strips. A well-insulated house will keep your home safe from outdoor moisture and also retain the dry hot air generated by the heater or air conditioner inside the house.

3. Plants

Indoor plants are a splendid way to beautify your home but they can also increase moisture levels within the house. Therefore, place your plants next to a window or any other well-ventilated area. Alternatively, select plants that prosper well in dry soil and don’t need much watering.

4. Be Aware

Invest in moisture sensors that will warn you when humidity levels are too high. With a low budget, you can opt for the less expensive hygrometers, which check moisture content in the atmosphere.

5. Avail The A/C

Instead of investing in a dehumidifier, make use of your air conditioner since that already includes a heating system and controls the indoor humidity. Plus, you’ll save on your electricity bill by using only one device!

6. Windows

There’s nothing like a well-placed window that lets in lots of sunlight and air to control humidity. Natural solutions like windows, doors and vents are not only effective ways to get rid of moisture, they are also much cheaper than using dehumidifiers and exhaust fans that rack up your electricity bill!

These 6 ideas are an excellent way to be in control of the moisture levels in your home. Implement them during the building or renovation of your home and see the difference! Check out another interesting story here - 10 Spectacular Staircases That Reach New Heights.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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