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18 Staircases That Take You To New Heights

Leigh Leigh
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Stairs are a very important part of our homes. They are like the veins of the body, connecting all of the parts and delivering messages up and down. Because they are so busy, it's important to keep them beautiful!

But beauty has a size that's not measured by metres and it often features surprises that will make you fall in love. What's more is that we don't need that much space in order to achieve a good impression.

To convince you that small houses can too have a healthy dose of love and beauty, we have put together 18 examples of gorgeous stairs that are made to shine in small spaces. These are designs from top professionals from around the world and will convince you that your small home is just as sleek and savvy as any big home!

1. Wavy and adapting to space

This wooden and metal staircase works in harmony with the colour palette of the surrounds, adding to the decor and design of the space. These warm colours create a smooth transition from one space to another.

2. A wooden staircase gives an entrance an overall elegance

Wood creates a very simple design, but adds warmth and beauty to the entrance of the home. If we add in some lovely lights, like we see in this design, the result is an amazingly beautiful staircase.

Also have a look at how you can create a beautiful entrance in 6 easy steps.

3. Metal and glass

This staircase design gives the feeling of being light, even though it is very sturdy.

There is no better way to save space than by opting for an invisible staircase. The metal frame provides safety as well as a cutting-edge look and feel. 

You can also add some beautiful lighting to this space for a modern and contemporary design.

4. Narrow steps to optimise space

The marble material is a great addition to a staircase, adding texture and tone to the space. You can transform a single step into something very elegant,

Tip: Add some anti-slip tape for safety!

5. Multi-functional staircase

This staircase doubles up as storage space as well as a small study. The stairs are also a tool, helping the residents to reach the top floor. 

This is an example of creativity and innovation, showing that you really can afford to think outside the box. 

6. Light and practical so you don't take up too much space

Keep your interior design practical by not using up any more space than you actually need. Practical solutions also make for very striking decor!

7. Circular and modern

This helix design allows you to see the beauty of each step, from every possible angle.

8. In one stretch without a banister

Wood is a lightweight material, which means that it almost looks like it is floating! All you need if you opt for wood is a metal base and you have the perfect design.

9. Steps that are almost invisible

​A single-flight cantilever staircase crafted in toughened, laminated glass Railing London Ltd Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase
Railing London Ltd

​A single-flight cantilever staircase crafted in toughened, laminated glass

Railing London Ltd

Don't saturate your small home, choose a transparent material as we've discussed before. You'll feel like an angel every time you come down the stairs if you go for this design. This is the perfect combination of purity, colour and brightness.

10. Shed some light on the subject

The hallway and stairs at ​the Old Hall in Suffolk Nash Baker Architects Ltd Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase Wood
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

The hallway and stairs at ​the Old Hall in Suffolk

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

If you want to go for wood but want your staircase to stand out, just add some light.

11. Tight and bright

Wood is and will always be one of the favorite materials chosen for the stairs and with this combination with metal, we can see that it achieves a light, modern and warm design all at the same time.

12. White will always be an ally for small spaces

classic design is always a good idea. For small spaces, a traditional banister with a carpet down the stairs will help give an elegant look and a vintage feel.

13. Pure minimalism

Minimalist designs are always perfect for small spaces. When it comes to stairs, draw a few lines on a white wall, giving your home a very elegant design as well as a practical and functional purpose.

14. Experimental design

Here we come across a very unique and eclectic design where the structure seems to bend on its axis, creating an innovative bridge between the earth and the sky or the ground floor and the top floor in this case!

15.Glass guardrail

This glass guardrail helps to create barriers without overwhelming the space and on the stairs, it adds to a very modern design.

16. Concrete stairs

You can achieve a very savvy design without investing too much! This example proves that by combining concrete with good lighting, you have a staircase on a shoestring.

17. Elegance and freshness

Elegance does not need a lot of space, as we see in this design. 

18. Simple

Sometimes you can make a big impression with a very simple design. Include a staircase like this and you're bound to cause a sensation!

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Which set of stairs if your favorite?

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