A Busted Building Becomes Brand New

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Today, we are going to visit Germany, where design professionals Beissel Schmidt Architects have taken an old and run down home and converted it into a fabulous little house that is as stylish as it is savvy.

As we explore this before and after, we will see how breathtaking modern design can be as well as how it's completely worth it to renovate a traditional home rather than building from scratch. By incorporating elements from an original building into a new and refreshing design, you can end up with the most spectacular finished product.

You'll also see what a role natural light, clean lines and a slightly minimalist design plays in contemporary architecture and interior design.

Let's take a look! 

Before: A building project

In this image, we can see that the home doesn't look particularly special or stylish. In fact, it's simply a building site.

The designers are working with the original building here, taking the most useful and beautiful elements and converting them into a whole new design.

What's so wonderful about this type of project is that the end result is such a beautiful surprise.

Before: Hard at work

In this image, we can see how the home is starting to take on a new shape. It has been built to extend over several storeys, while a little loft is being built into the roof area.

The designers are making the absolute most of height, ensuring that this home is spacious and functional, as well as stylish, modern and sophisticated.

We are so curious to see what happens next!

A plan

In this image, we get a sense of what the designers have planned for the new home!

Architectural plans are very important, ensuring that everyone is on the same page when it comes to what the new and improved home will look like.

After: Finalizing the project

While the garden design is not yet complete, here we can see the shape of the final product. 

The three-storey home is simply beautiful, with clean lines and a modern shape that packs a punch. 

We can also see how the large glass windows and doors throughout the facade allow for a seamless connection between the interior and exterior spaces, while still offering the family privacy.

Don't you love the integration of the traditional gable roof and the modern design?

After: A show stopper

The home from the front is simply breathtaking. 

The designers have paired the modern style and shape with soft grey tones, which creates a very elegant first impression. 

One section of the facade protrudes outwards, which has been painted a bright and bold red colour, which truly sets this brand new home apart from the rest. This is also a great design tip, bringing a little bit of life and personality to your home. You can also choose to paint a front door or window shutters a bright and bold colour.

The front garden has been designed just as beautifully as the house itself, enhancing the design and detail of the facade. With the pedestrian gate and the lovely and quaint wrought-iron fence that surrounds the home, this is a very inviting and welcoming look and feel.

Have a look at these tips for making a big impression with a small front garden.

After: The open plan interiors

The interiors of the home are simply marvelous!

The designers have gone for an open plan design, allowing the rooms to flow into one another. This creates a very spacious and light home that is very comfortable and stylish all at the same time.

The wooden floors and white walls make for a homely and earthy look and feel, while the artwork and furniture have been carefully chosen to bring a trendy design to the home.

After: A splash of colour

The dining room features the same neutral tones, cocooning the family in its warmth.

The dining room table chairs are bright orange, which introduce a bit of life and soul into the home. Again we can see how a splash of colour can truly work so well inside and outside the house. 

In this image, we also get a sense of how well natural light works in a modern home, bringing warmth and charm to the rooms. Go for big windows, large doors and skylights if possible to achieve the same result in your own home.

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After: Utilizing the corners

Every inch of this newly renovated home has been utilized!

In the corner of this room, the designers have created a more casual seating area. 

Remember that in modern design, you want to have a very functional home.

After: A lavish bathroom

The bathroom in this home is just as lavish as the other rooms in the house with modern, white features, a very luxurious chandelier and a splash of red!

Bathrooms are often overlooked in design and decor, but this shouldn't be the case. Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, giving you some quiet time and peace before you start the day or after a long week in the office. 

Invest some time into making this area a little haven!

After: In the daylight

Finally, we can see the end result of the back of the house as well as how the back garden contributes to a very stylish and attractive home.

On the bottom floor, we can see how the designers have created a little outdoor terrace where the family can enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and beautiful garden that surrounds the home. 

From this angle, we can also see the skylights in the roof, which contribute to that very light and appealing design we saw inside the home.

If you've enjoyed exploring this home, you'll love the home that's seen the light.

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