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10 Enviable Bathroom Floor Ideas

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If you thought all bathroom floors had to be done up in tile to resist moisture then our list of 10 enviable bathroom floor ideas is really going to inspire you! Not every kind of floor is good for the bathroom. You need to have a special floor that can tolerate getting wet now and then and that can cope with the humidity. But these floors hold up and they look great in any room of the house.

homify can connect you with the right bathroom designers to help you choose the right materials and seriously upgrade your bathroom's style. Thanks to these thoughtful flooring solutions, the bathrooms you’re about to see are spa quality. You deserve bathroom floors that inspire elegance and tranquility beneath your feet! Let’s take a look now at some bathroom floors that will turn you green with envy.

1. Combination of tile and wood

Tile is the natural and classic choice for bathroom floors! It is durable and easy to take care of. This bathroom uses a combination of light coloured tile and rich wood. While most of the bathroom is done in tile, the floor right beneath the tub is done in warm wood. 

This combination helps make the bathtub a beautiful focal point for the room. The floor in combination with the concrete ceiling and floor to ceiling windows makes for a stunning bathroom.

2. Combination of tile and wood redux

Here’s another way to use a combination of tile and wood in your bathroom floor. This bathroom makes use of a ubiquitous, glossy white square tile on the floor and up half of the wall. The wood floor in the shower makes getting clean a rejuvenating experience. 

This bathroom has brick walls that unexpectedly work well with the tile and wood. This cozy bathroom with its slanted ceilings and a combination of textures is simply charming.

3. Bathroom mosaic

Handmade mosaic floors in the bathroom are a perfect choice for those who are a little crafty. They are versatile and can be made from different shapes and colours. Small tiles, pebbles, or larger stones can all be pieced together into the perfect floor.

With the right finishing, mosaics are great for bathroom floors. Consider how the bathroom floor will feel on your bare feet. The natural, massaging quality of the stone mosaic here is a splendid choice for the bathroom.

4. Sleek stone floors

This bathroom has a sleek stone floor that helps contribute to its incredible style. Stone floors add luxury to a room. They are incredibly durable and easy to maintain. Since they come in a variety of shades, they can fit in easily with any style you choose. In this bathroom, the stone goes well with the wood support beams and crisp white walls.

5. Smooth and Flattened concrete

A floor like this is a logical choice for the bathroom since they are totally waterproof and can withstand any amount of moisture and water. This bathroom has a light grey concrete floor but the shade could be tweaked to suit your look.

Concrete floors are a modest way to add some style to the bathroom. It can get a little cold underneath your feet so make sure you throw in a bathmat or two! In this small bathroom the grey floor blends well with the white and black walls. It’s a simple yet powerful design.

6. All wood floors

The right kind of wood in a bathroom is a gorgeous and practical choice. If you’re surprised about how wood holds up in a wet environment, remember that saunas are typically built from wood! 

Wood floors give a bathroom a naturally warm atmosphere. If you take care of them properly, they can last a lifetime. This bathroom has wood accessories like shelves and a cabinet that help make the bathroom look chic and put together.

7. Glass floors

It’s true. You can have floors of glass in the bathroom. This is a futuristic style that helps reflect the light coming in from the skylight above. Under the glass tiles are lights that help illuminate the bathroom in the evening.

It’s a surprising design that will wow guests in your home. Underfloor lighting is becoming more and more popular in the home thanks to LED lighting. It’s easier to do than you might think!

8. Betonciré

We mentioned concrete floors before and how they can be tailored to suit your style. Here we have an example of a betonciré or waxed concrete floor. Like regular concrete, betonciré holds up against water. Go back and compare this concrete floor with our number 5 pick. See how light and dark concrete can be used to create different moods and styles? It’s that easy.

9. Luxe marble

Marble is an expensive and heavy choice for the bathroom but we love it for its irresistible style. You can opt for a faux marble look with painted tiles like we see here. Indistinguishable! This is a classy and modern bathroom. Matching your walls to your floors like this is a bold choice, so if you want to just opt for marble floors you’ll still get all the luxury they provide and not be overwhelmed.

10. Alternative wood flooring

If you want the look of wood with the functionality of tile we have a wood tile floor for you! This has the sleekness of tile combined with the warmth of wood. This bathroom has a modern edge to it thanks to the unique wood tile design in the floors and on the wall. 

We hope you enjoyed our list of bathroom floor ideas! The combination of wood and tile looks like a classic choice that will fit in with any home. However that marble bathroom was incredibly stylish. We can’t choose just one look, we love them all. For more bathroom inspiration, check out our feature on 15 small bathrooms to see BEFORE you renovate!

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