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Warm and Cozy: Create An Autumn Ambiance In Your Home

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In fall, you want your home to be warm and comfortable again. You need to be blankets for chilly days, rugs for the cool floor, and open shutters to see the brilliant falling leaves. It's also fun to add some festive elements of the season into your home decor, too. There's more to this season than pumpkins! Here's eight beautiful spaces that will show you how to create an autumn atmosphere in your home.

The Trends

First you have to know some basic elements of fall home design. The colours to focus on are oranges, reds, browns, and warmer neutrals like coppers and gold. The biggest material is wood, of course, as it brings out thoughts of warm fireplaces and stunning fall forests. Other materials are cork, stone, and the warm metals. You probably know that the basics decor items are pumpkins and other squashes, and these make a big fall statements. 

The Fireplace

After being neglected all summer, your fireplace will finally return to being the focal point of your living room. Refresh it with new wood and dark natural accessories like the bowl or the wooden sculptures seen here. Warm metals, like the small bronze globe, do a fine job of renewing your fireplace's look too. 

The Dinner Table

Certainly, the dining room will be one of the first places that you want to add autumn decor too. This could be as simple as adding a dried flower centerpiece, or as complicated as bringing out new chairs that match a fall table runner and new glassware. Whatever you do, don't feel restricted to orange and brown, this table runner has some non-traditional colours and it looks lovely. 


Deirdre Dyson AUTUMN LEAVES hand knotted wool and silk rug Deirdre Dyson Carpets Ltd Living room
Deirdre Dyson Carpets Ltd

Deirdre Dyson AUTUMN LEAVES hand knotted wool and silk rug

Deirdre Dyson Carpets Ltd

If you usually pull up your rugs for summer you'll want to lay them back down now. Not everyone wants to bother with different rugs for each season, but if you do then you can make a big fall statement. This vibrant red is an unusual shade for fall, but it creates a very unique look. 

The Bedroom

It's time to bring in the heavy winter blankets. Quilts and duvets in earth tones work well for this season. If you're lucky enough to have wood in your bedroom, play it up by adding more wood decor and even swapping out tables and shelving for more natural timber pieces. Take a look through our bedroom gallery to find more beautiful examples. 


One other option for the bedroom is to change up the window curtains and hang fabrics on the walls to create a cosy atmosphere. If you plan to do this and have a small bedroom, don't overwhelm it with too many patterns. Keep things relatively simple, as you can see the interior designer of this bedroom has. 

Antlers and Antiques

Two essential fall elements are antlers and antiques. Antlers can give a subtle fall feel to any space, whether they're shelves, furniture feet, sculptures, or chandeliers like in this room. There's also some wonderful fabrics and antiques in this space that might inspire you. 


Now is the time to bring in any flimsy summer furniture and replace them with weather-proof options. Add in cold-weather plants to make sure your outdoor space stays lively as the seasons change. Some fall flowers common in Canada, like Fall Mums, will be brilliant for a month of two but then wither, so make sure you get some ever-greens or winter plants too. 

Want to add that warm Fall feeling in a more permanent way? How about one of these nine stunning wooden ceilings

How are you refreshing your home for Fall? Let us know in the comments. 

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