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10 Fabulously Original Breakfast Bars

Leigh Leigh
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When we talk about kitchen bars, we must not forget the endless possibilities when it comes to choosing the best design that fits into the space that we have available. It is important to consider the size, the structure as well as what other elements need to be integrated into the kitchen space.

They may simply be an extension of the counter or on the contrary, contrast with the structure and materials of the kitchen.

The most important thing about a kitchen is that it should be comfortable and convenient to use. It should be a space where we can sit and read the paper, chat on the phone or enjoy a casual meal. 

Many times, depending on the dimensions that you have available, the dining room table is where you would traditionally enjoy meals. However, today at homify, we are going to show you 10 different fabulous bars that will inspire you to incorporate one into your very own kitchen.

Let's take a look!

1. A bar near the barbeque

This is an excellent idea, which is both functional and practical. A bar located near the barbeque provides the perfect spot to sit while waiting for the meal to be ready and share a nice moment between friends. 

Just place a couple of stools around the bar and you have the ideal focal point!

2. For a multi-functional space

Although it may seem like there is no place for a bar in your small kitchen, you should think twice!

The best example is this multi-functional space that integrates various functions in the same environment. In one corner, there is a table with chairs, which opens up onto a full-on living space. Thus the kitchen bar replaces the traditional dining room!

If we put a kitchen bar in a good location and at an ideal height, it can be perfect for more than just breakfast or coffee.

3. A cantilevered bar

Often, we do not have enough space for a bar or we don't want to crowd the dining room or kitchen. Perhaps we want a more minimalist design.

In this case, a cantilevered wooden table is the perfect design, as we can see in this image. We can see how the kitchen island supports the wooden bar, which is easily accessible. 

This is a very delicate and modern look and feel!

4. Pure wood

Another option we have is an L-shape design, made from a material of choice. It could be brick, cement, or as we can see in this example, wood. 

This is a very practical idea that lets you enjoy your breakfast without having to move too far from the kitchen. It also increases the surface are of the kitchen spaces!

5. A kitchen that has everything

Architect professionals Junor Arquitectos have created this beautiful little kitchen that above all, prioritizes comfort.

One of the fundamental requirements of a good kitchen is that it has a broad counter with enough storage space. Thanks to this savvy design, the kitchen island features plenty of extra drawers and cabinets which can be taken advantage of. 

There is also a bar incorporated into this design, again providing more than enough sitting space for the family.

6. Ideal for dividing environments

Especially in modern design, kitchens are often integrated into the dining room or living space but sometimes we need to subtly separate these environments without hindering the flow. We also want to preserve the feeling of spaciousness. 

In this design, we can see how a kitchen bar with two stools provides the perfect yet subtle barrier between the kitchen and living space – a great tip.

Have a look at these other tips for how to stylishly split a room without a wall.

7. White and luminous

As we said before, there is always a way to incorporate a bar in the kitchen.

In this image, we can see how it has been positioned length ways, against the wall. It works in harmony with the white walls and white furniture and is a very nice detail to copy. It also doesn't take up too much space!

Tip: Add a fresh vase of flowers and a lamp to give the space ambiance.

8. For every taste

Some believe that a high kitchen bar is a bit uncomfortable or may get cramped and crowded. While functional, it may not always be the most practical or the most stylish.

We have the perfect solution for this, as we see in this kitchen!

The designers have created a breakfast bar that is wider than normal and features two chairs on either side. This creates an interactive space that is engaging, social and trendy.

9. Expanding the boundaries

Another option is to incorporate a bar in the kitchen, but to use it to visually expand the space so that it extends towards the living area like we see in this image. We can raise the height slightly and even change the material, but if the proportions match, it will be easy to feel like your kitchen is just that much bigger.

Pair with some modern bar stools and your kitchen will look very striking and you'll be able to enjoy the space more!

10. Add some colour

r79 Modern kitchen

If you want to incorporate an island into the kitchen, remember that you can use it for so much more than just breakfast!

In this design, we can also see how the designers have used it to introduce contrasting colours, creating a very funky and stylish look and feel.

Have a look at these kitchen islands to treasure for more inspiration when it comes to choosing one for your home!

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