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Namast'ay at home: interior design for inner peace

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Daily life provides for us a strong and steady stream of stress. Finding that work and life balance seems like a never-ending battle. Those in the know do yoga to help manage their stress and to their bodies some good. Whether your practice is relaxing or invigorating, yoga is a perfect remedy.

Although yoga is rooted in ancient Hindu philosophy, today it has a flexible definition. It’s easier than ever to practice yoga and it’s available to anyone. You don’t have to hit the studio everyday to achieve the positivity and lightness that comes from yoga. We have a few tips for you to design and decorate your home to help you reap the most benefits from yoga.

So let go of your ego and grab your mat. Keep your mind, body, and spirit in good shape with our guide to Namast’ay at home.

Minimalist Spaces

One of the things that makes yoga easy is that it is low maintenance. All you need is yourself. Also, a yoga mat. In your home, all you need is a clear piece of the floor so you can spread out your mat.

Don’t try to do yoga in a cramped space. It’s hard to find balance in Warrior III pose if you are worried about kicking the bookshelf! It’s best to create a simple and minimalistic place in your home where you can feel free to hit the mat.

Yoga can be practiced in any room of the house. The bit of space at the foot of your bed, the middle of the living room, and the deck outside are all suitable. If you can, try to dedicate one of these places where you can return to each time to practice yoga. Hopefully, you will not be disturbed there. It will help cultivate a sense of comfort and familiarity for you. That makes yoga even more refreshing and revitalizing.

The perfect space

To create the perfect room where you can do your yoga, remember that it’s an exercise of the body and mind. Retiring bold and eye-catching colours or prints also helps set the mood for focus. It’s also easier to concentrate in a room that’s uncluttered. Use furniture and decor that helps keep the room neat and tidy.

The best colours for a space where you plan to do yoga are subdued. Shades taken straight from nature are the perfect backdrop for your practice. Anything that connects you with nature is great for your interiors. These elements have a grounding and calming effect in any room.

Love and Light

Natural light makes us happy so invite it into your home. Try hanging light and gauzy curtains on windows to help diffuse the light. On homify, we often repeat this mantra to make the most of the natural light in your home! One of the easiest ways to double the natural light in a room is to use a mirror. Try hanging a large mirror in the space where you want to do your yoga. It can also help you see when you are out of alignment, making you stronger.

In the evening, use candles and dim light for your practice. Invest in flexible lighting for your home so that you have options to make it bright or dim at night. Winding down with a bit of candle lit stretching can be a magical way to end the day.

Setting the mood with all the senses

Try to make your yoga space a quiet spot in the home. The fewer the distractions, the better. For example, avoid the kitchen with all its clanging and yummy smells! Consider lighting incense or a candle and let the scent calm your busy mind.

To help you create an ideal soundscape for your practice you can use calming music to help set the mood. We love the sound of ocean waves. Your breath can follow the beat of the water as it rushes in and out. Don’t forget that homify is here to connect you with professionals that can help you find the perfect balance for your home, yoga practice or not!

Nearby comforts

To get the most out of your practice you have to have all your necessary creature comforts nearby. For some, exercise can be tedious and draining. Yoga  can help energize or relax you so do all you can to make your practice as effortless as possible. You can keep a folded blanket nearby to cushion your knees or to wrap yourself up in shavasana. If you are following a yoga video, create a place where you can easily use the controls and see the screen. It’s also a good idea to guzzle some water when you finish any exercise.  Use a ledge or a coffee table nearby and make yourself comfortable!

Nature all around

Practicing yoga in nature is ideal because the harmony in nature will inspire harmony in yourself. If you are lucky to have a nice view outside, by all means take advantage! If you live in an urban setting then you can create your own indoor harmony by using fresh cut flowers and living plants in your decor. These natural decor touches can brighten your mood on and off the mat! Create an indoor oasis of peace by taking care of a few plants in your home. Try finding plants that help clean the air so they can earn their keep!

Taking in the Air

Having the right temperature and some fresh air in the room where you practice is important. If the room is too cold it’s hard for your muscles to relax and stretch! Stagnant rooms can drain you of energy and make you feel lethargic. Try to ventilate the room before and after you exercise during the cold seasons. When the summer returns, throw open the windows and doors to let in the air!

Thank you for reading our guide to at home yoga! We hope that you’re inspired to work on your sun salutations. For more home inspiration read our feature on a home that hides a paradise within

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