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7 Ideas To Make Your Bedroom Comfortably Cozy

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The bedroom is the space where we recharge, for eight hours a day, at least (hopefully!). We spend so much time in this room that it deserves our special attention. It has to be a comfortable and re-energizing space and we've got seven ways to make it so. 

1. The Bed

It's obvious that this is the main feature of the bedroom, so what kind of things should we consider for it? Well, size is highly important. You can't put a big bed in a small bedroom. In total, the area of the bed should take up no more than fifty percent of the area of the room. You need to be able to walk all of the way around it, too. 

2. Pillows and Cushions

Do yourself a favour and buy a high quality duvet, it'll make those long winter night so much more comfortable. As for pillows, you can invest in one high quality pillow for beneath your head and consider the rest decorative items. You can go for a sophisticated monochromatic look like this room, or opt for something with more colour. 

3. Light

You might be thinking, this is a bedroom, why do I care about the light it in? Well, having slowly dimming lights that darken as you try to fall asleep, and become brighter as you're supposed to wake, can actually help you improve your sleep schedule! Now that's comfortable! Talk to a professional about setting this up. 

4. Wall Decor

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Personalizing a space is a great way to make it more comfortable. Whether you're adding family photos, relaxing phrases, or artistic pieces, remember to plan them with the view from the bed in mind. Often we hang things to high in bedrooms, or in awkward corners, because we forget that we'll usually be lying down in this room. 

5. Choice of Curtain

Ideally, you'll want a heavy curtain to block out light and sound from outside, so you can sleep in peace. On the other hand, if you spend time in your bedroom during the day you'll want the natural light, but still the privacy, so you'll need thin curtains like the ones in this bedroom. So, just layer both kinds of curtains, lighter curtains go closer to the window! 

6. Carpets

It's not fun to step on a cold floor first thing in the morning. Instead, invest in a thick rug, preferably with a fun texture, to greet your toes. Some people even have a rug that extends from their bed up to their bathroom door! Stuck for bedroom rug ideas? Check out our bedroom gallery for some inspiration! 

7. Other Furniture

People are using their bedroom for more than sleep these days, so additional furniture is becoming popular. Our favourite is the chaise lounge, a cross between a couch and a bed for one. It's comfortable, but also practical, and you can find incredible style options! 

Need more bedroom inspiration? Take a look at these 10 dazzling decorative fabrics, they're perfect for the bedroom! 

Which of these bedrooms looks the most comfortable to you? Let us know in the comments! 
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