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7 Sensational Home Decor Tricks to Make A Room Look Larger

Ellysa Chenery Ellysa Chenery
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Small apartments don't have to stay that way. No mater how tiny your home or a room is there are several architectural and design features you can incorporate to make it look much bigger. 

1. The Dynamic Ceiling

Break the monotony of a flat ceiling and install a pitched version that calls attention to the height of the room-- instead of the limited length. You'll want to hire a professional to help you with this one. 

2. Glowing Room

A combination of natural light and creams makes for a glowing room. In all cream colour the divisions in the room fall away, and the whole space looks larger. 

3. Spacing

 Walls & flooring by Mosaicnet srl
Mosaicnet srl


Mosaicnet srl

Do not overwhelm small spaces with too much furniture! Keep the table, the shelving, and the accessories properly sized, so that you can easily move between each. This will ensure the space doesn't feel overcrowded, which actuall makes it feel smaller. 

4. The Advantage of Flooring

modern Living room by Mardegan Legno
Mardegan Legno

Soggiorno moderno con pavimento in Rovere

Mardegan Legno

If you room is longer than it is wide, make sure the flooring runs the length of it, creating lines that emphasize the length. Can you imagine what this room would look like if the wood was run in the opposite direction? Much smaller. Check out our living room gallery for more ideas to lengthen your space! 

5. See Through Shelving

eclectic Living room by Adele-C

These lovely shelves could be put to excellent use in a small room. They feel like they take up less space than traditional shelving, and they leave lots of gaps to let the wall behind shine through, creating the feeling of space. 

6. Mirrors

modern Houses by CSP2 studio
CSP2 studio

Zona notte

CSP2 studio

Especially in small bedrooms, mirrors can work wonders. You can add a mirror to any closet door, which creates a kind of optical illusion that amplifies space. 

7. Shower in the Center

One genius solution to small bathrooms is to add a small shower, preferably glass, in the center of the room. Space is preserved all around the shower, making the whole space feel open. 

Here's some more tips for small homes: budget friendly ideas for decor

Which of these ideas works best for your small space?
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