10 bewitching bedrooms you can’t resist

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What do you seek in a master bedroom? Comfort, serenity, passion, sweet dreams? Then check out these 10 gorgeous ideas for the perfect bedroom that you want to share with your partner. From soothing, elegant hues to pops of vibrancy, and from a simple decor scheme to something unique, we are sure you will find what you are looking for. Also discover how accessories like trendy lights, mirrors, and paintings add extra charm to these sleeping havens.

1. Bright with tons of space

Colours like light browns and creamy whites fill this bedroom with warmth, softness and cosiness. Stylish lights and mirrored panels behind the bed make the room feel adequately spacious and bright as well.

2. Embracing the garden

This vibrant bedroom designed by the architects at Taller Luis Esquinca combines rusty brown hues with white and dark wood for an exciting and positive appeal. But we especially love how it opens up to a verdant garden through sliding glass doors set in wooden frames. So naturally, the bedroom stays airy, fresh and offers a view to remember.

3. Magic of pastels

Soft pastel shades add oodles of calm to this homely, quaint and creative master bedroom. The elegant blue tone of the bed and bedside table promises serenity, while the vibrant artwork offers visual interest.

4. Practical and comfy

Light neutral hues make this bedroom seem inviting and friendly, while varied tones of grey contrast the whites gently. The turquoise accent wall adorned with a world map painting across three panels adds personality to this tranquil space.

5. Richness of wood

Wooden tones not only dominate the floor and furniture of this subtly lavish bedroom, but also give the wall a whole new edge. Classy simplicity makes this space appear as good as a suite in a high end hotel.

6. Symmetry meets romance

The decor of this bedroom is such that it seems to follow strict symmetry. The elegant white bed with matching side tables and lamps contrast the beautiful grey wall and floor, while the single nature-based painting adds colour and freshness. How charming and romantic!

7. Neat neutrals

The subtle beauty of neutral hues leaps to the eye in this simple yet stylish bedroom. Neat and sleek furniture combine with soft, neutral colours for a cosy, relaxing and uncomplicated vibe. Wooden elements go very well with the colour palette and provide warmth.

8. Flirting with grey

Dark and passionate shades of grey with a hint of metallic sheen make this bedroom truly unique. The textured headboard with its softly glowing sconce lamps spices things up, while the textures of the bedding invite you to sink in without a worry.

9. Warm, sober, enticing

Exquisite tones of grey and wood combine with measured dashes of white for an atmosphere that is cosy, welcoming and romantic. The elegant silver and grey lamps along with accent and recessed lighting fill the space with soothing illumination.

10. Go vibrant!

Pops of bright red and bold black in the form of chairs and cushions add life and spice to this warm and pretty bedroom. The patterned duvet joins the club as well, while a mix of different lights ensure calming brightness.

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