3 humble kitchens turn into chef’s dreams

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It is high time that the modest kitchen gets the place it deserves in the house! Frequently neglected in interior decoration plans, we must remember that the kitchen is the soul of the house – it is the place where we get our nourishing meals that keep us happy, healthy and energetic! The loving hands that make those meals surely deserve the best possible décor in terms of both functionality and style! Not sure how to go about it? Today we bring to you three kitchens that have been converted into masterpieces that would be coveted by any chef! Glean some ideas and get going! Let’s begin!

Before: A Tacky Kitchen

What a kitschy kitchen! The brown floor, the jazzy blue cabinets, the ugly floral wallpaper and the cheap-looking dining table set – it’s all a terrible jumble! The shelves placed next to the too-big refrigerator indicate a lack of storage space and the artificial lights are stark and glaring. This kitchen needs a dramatic makeover!

After: Pristine Elegance

What a transformation! The old kitchen has been completely remodelled into a gleaming beauty! The modern white walls, sleek cabinets and twinkling recessed lights look cool and trendy but are cleverly warmed by a wooden floor and stylish hanging light. A dark brown backsplash adds character to the countertop that will soon be given more personality with the addition of trendy fittings. Instead of a dining table there is a breakfast bar that has shelves for storage and can also double as an extra kitchen counter.

Before: Mediocre Appearance

This is a run-of-the-mill affair in white and beige with no outstanding features. The floor tiles, countertop and appliances look old-fashioned and unappealing. The focus is on functionality – style is absent.

After: Welcoming Warmth

What a contrast! The kitchen has become a wooden wonder, with the natural wooden floor and countertop creating a warm, cosy and inviting environment! Trendy fittings add a touch of glamour to the rustic ambience and the addition of a small breakfast bar with an intriguing lamp overhead is a great idea. Kudos to the interior designers and decorators at Bervic Interiorismo.

Before: Aesthetically Unappealing

We love a wooden décor but this kitchen has made a mess of it! The wooden cabinets, white countertop and appliances, and old-fashioned floor tiles are not in harmony at all!

After: Sparkling Splendour

The dismal old kitchen is transformed into a contemporary wonder! The monotony of modern white is cleverly broken by a black stripe running along the kitchen counter, and a few grey surfaces add cool elegance to the décor. The blue hanging light contrasts prettily its white surroundings. We love the extendable dining table that saves space and can also serve as an additional countertop!

These 3 kitchens are a marvellous example of how a drab old kitchen can be converted into a modern delight! Check out another interesting story here - This Home Gets A Dose Of Contemporary Charm.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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