8 modern and elegant ways to use stone in your house

Leigh Leigh
TREVINO.CHABRAND | Architectural Studio Modern garage/shed
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Stone, with its infinity in terms of size, shape, colours and style, is an excellent material for both inside and outside the house. Thanks to its strength, versatility and variety of uses, this type of coating or slid material is a popular choice when it comes to decorating the house.

For Canadians, with our beautiful scenery and panoramic landscapes, we know how important it is to be connected to nature. Stone is a wonderful way to achieve this!

There are also many different types of colours of stone, which can bring a unique rustic touch to a home, while contributing to a modern or minimalist design. To inspire you, we will show you eight photos of designs with stone.

You'll want to integrate this natural material into your home immediately!

1. The cobblestone garage

For the garage area, there is nothing better than the durability of large, paving stones. Not only are they aesthetically-pleasing but they are resistant to the damage done over time.

This type of flooring ensures that it will last a lifetime and it won't get damaged by dripping oil or the tyres of a car. It also keeps the design of the area looking uniform and unique.

To create a good contrast between the dark grey of the cobblestone, you can create a little pebble garden with white stones and a beautiful green plant. This will break up the dark tones and create a beautiful, natural and rustic touch.

And we all know how much a good garage design means to Canadians!

2. Lava stone

To incorporate a strong sense of identity into your house as you step through the front door, you can build a wall of lava stone slabs like the designers have done in this image. We can see how the different shades of grey bring a very elegant touch to the entrance.

You can mount the stones on the surface of a wall or create a pure raw stone wall.

We can also see how lighting has been used to enhance the details and design of the stone wall, creating a very interesting texture.

3. Smooth against rough

To generate a sensory contrast with the heaviness and darkness of lava stone, it is a good idea to choose a matte porcelain tile covering for the floors, bringing in a sense of warmth and cosiness to the interior design. This will also form a wonderful contrast between textures and designs.

It also adds a smooth surface to the interior, creating an elegant look and feel that is practical and easy to clean.

4. Add wood

The garage often features access to the main house, which as we know is very functional especially if it is raining! 

To cut up the grey tones and ensure the entrance very clearly stands out, these designers have used a very trendy and modern large wooden pot plant to break up the space. The door of the garage is made from the same material.

The garage door features horizontal strips, which allow natural light to flood through this space so that it isn't too dark or dingy.

5. Contrasting materials

This area of the house is used for a television room and a study. It is a very elegant space with decorative touches.

This is a part of the home that usually sees guests, which is why it is so important that it is aesthetically-pleasing and comfortable at the same time.

In the image, we can see how the elegant grey stone wall perfectly combines with the smoothness of the polished wooden desk. The dark tones on the wall are balanced out by the smooth, dark wooden desk and the soft, creamy tiled floors.

6. Lights and textures

The facade of the house is the first impression that guests will get of your home so you want it look beautiful. Who doesn't enjoy a good design?

This can be achieved by strategically placing lights throughout the exterior space, highlighting the different volumes and details of a stone wall. The tones and textures of the facade will stand out that much more.

In this image, we can also see how the stone wall contrasts beautifully with the white paving and the gorgeous, green plants.

Have a look at these dazzling lighting ideas for modern homes for inspiration.

7. Beige marble for the bathroom

In this design by professionals Trevino Chabrand, we can see how stone has been used in the form of marble for the bathroom counter. A polished stone was chosen in sand and pink tones, giving this room a very elegant and sophisticated design.

The pink hues blend beautifully with the dark wood of the cabinet, under the counter. They are also emphasised by the large mirror that runs across the entire wall.

8. Granite for the kitchen

The kitchen can also take advantage of the properties of stone. In this image, we can see how granite works beautifully for this space as it doesn't get damaged easily and won't stain.

The warm tones of the counter tops are replicated by the mosaic floor, which gives much more movement to the space.

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Are you going to incorporate stone in your home design?

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