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A small home packed with cozy comforts

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Today at homify, we are going to blow you away with a very simple and classic-style home that features the most beautiful little terrace.

As we explore this home, we will see how a cozy little family home can hold all sorts of dynamic designs and pleasant surprises. With a little bit of innovation and expertise, a small home can be so multi-functional, stylish and comfortable that you won't need even an extra square meter.

We will leave the best part of the home until last, so that you get a real sense of how a classic design can work in harmony with a more eclectic touch. You won't believe how sophisticated the end result is.

Let's take a look!

Neutral rules

From the front of the house, we can see how simple it is.

It features a clean, single-storey design with a very subtle and quaint look and feel. The soft cream tones and white finishes make for an appealing design.

A classic shape

The beautiful facade is complemented by a gorgeous garden – a great tip to remember! Some carefully planted flowers and a well-manicured lawn can change the whole look and feel of an exterior design.

Have a look at these tips for making a big impression with a small front garden for inspiration.

Delightful interiors

The interior of the home which features the same neutral tones as the exterior. If we head inside the kitchen, we can see that the designers have opted for white cabinets and drawers and grey tiled walls. This creates a very clean and savvy looking space, which is enhanced by the natural light that flows through the windows and doors.

What's also noteworthy about this kitchen is how there is plenty of storage space, which means that only the most functional and necessary of items are on display. If you have a small home, this is a must! 

You'll notice that two of the cupboards feature glass doors, which allow the family to still keep some of their favorite plates or glassware on display if need be.

The kitchen bar

If we take a step back, we can see how the kitchen is subtly separated from the rest of the living area by a beautiful wooden kitchen bar, which adds a warm and country-style touch to the area.

It also creates a wonderful focal point, where the family can gather for breakfast or over cups of tea. While the chef is busy in the kitchen, friends and family can perch here and chat to them.

The drop down lamps from the ceiling are the cherry on top, furnishing this space with a wonderful ambiance in the evening, while adding a trendy form of decor to the space.

It's all about the detail

Often hallways are overlooked in decor and design, seen as merely a passage that gets you from point A to point B, but this should not be the case. Your hallway should still be beautiful, light and bright.

In this design, we can see how a trendy and stylish look has been created by placing a little table at the end of the hallway. The table is flat on the one side and rounded on the other, so that it fits snugly into the corner without taking up too much space. 

The designers have also added different-shaped pictures on the wall, which adds a creative and eclectic twist to the look and feel of the interior space.

The bathroom too!

The bathroom is another space that shouldn't be overlooked in decor and design.

This bathroom features a very unique and stylish form of wallpaper, which brings texture, tone and a sense of luxury to the small area. It's also a focal point, distracting from the small size of the bathroom.

The wooden counter top adds an earthy touch to the room, which is enhanced by a colourful vase of flowers. Remember that a vase of flowers can spruce up any room!

A mirror is a functional part of any bathroom, so use it to add some style to the space. Opt for a creative border or an interesting shape. A mirror will also help to make the room seem that much bigger.

Add granite

The materials that you choose for an area of the house can enhance the look and feel, allowing you to focus on a few simple features rather than a detailed design.

In this bathroom, we can see how the granite counters give the impression of a very lavish bathroom space, allowing everything else to remain neat and minimalist.

You'll also notice that there is plenty of storage space in this bathroom, including shelves, drawers and cupboards. This keeps the counters clean and clear from any shampoos, soaps or toothbrushes!

Finally: the terrace!

Finally we get a chance to explore the terrace – and what a terrace it is!

The designers have introduced some bright and colourful features to the terrace including bright green cabinets, which create a full-on outdoor kitchen. This is enhanced by the white outdoor dining room table and chairs as well as the bright red pool table.

This covered space is a fun and interactive area where the family can enjoy meals, barbeques and games while in the fresh air. It also extends the living space outside, creating a multi-functional area without taking up an inch of space inside.

Some gorgeous lamps and lanterns have been added to the space to give it a wonderful soft glow in the evening. 

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What do you think of this classic home with its fabulous terrace?

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