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15 inviting entrances you can copy

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The entrance is the first thing that one sees of a house. For this reason, it should not only look inviting but should also reflect your personality as well as give a clue to the décor within. With a range of designs, colours and elements to choose from we bring to you today 15 fabulously designed entrances to inspire you to make the best choice for your home. Let’s have a look!

1. ​Fence

An elegant, minimalist fence constructed from flagstone create a unique yet imposing first impression. 

2. Bridge

Crossing clear water via a wooden bridge to reach your home is a wonderful way to lure your guests in.

3. ​Path

Big staggered steps bordered by a flowerbed on one side and a row of small palms along the wall exudes order and  sophistication.

4. ​Deck

A wooden deck leading to your home looks stylish when paired with a rustic door and large glass windows.

5. ​Stone

Natural stone is a great way to highlight the entrance. Look at the curvy stone pattern on the wall – a designer trick that draws attention to the beautiful patterned wooden door.

6. ​Paving Stones

Walking through the garden on a pretty arrangement of paving stones set in the lawn – can there be a more serene and pleasant way of approaching a house?

7. ​Staircase

Ascending this trendy staircase illuminated by stylish lights and set in the midst of abundant foliage is a lovely way to reach a house.

8. ​Slatted

The slatted effect of the staircase and the wooden door makes a trendy combination that is set off by elegant palm trees on either side.

9. ​Glass

French windows and sliding glass doors are always impressive and stylish, especially when teamed with wooden and stone walls and a pretty artificial pond!

10. ​Creepers

We love this idea of teaming a rustic door with a column of greenery!

11. ​Rockery

These elegant floating stone steps going up a rockery make for a unique entrance!

12. ​Minimalist

A simple, linear stone wall in different hues of grey harmonizes beautifully with cool white to make a sleek minimalist entrance. The plants add a splash of colour.

13. ​Sculpture

An intriguing sculpture in a landscaped garden is a brilliant way to highlight the entrance to your home!

14. ​Shelves

We love these floating shelves on the wall! Each shelf has its own light that illuminates the potted plants beautifully in this lovely vertical garden.

15. ​Rustic

This unique path is made of wooden planks and pieces of brick and is bordered by bamboo and cactus – what a creative idea.

These 15 ingenious ways to make a stunning entrance to your home are sure to inspire you with lots of ideas for designing your own! Here is another story that might interest you - 10 Stylish Bedrooms You Can’t Resist!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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