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Studio Marco Piva Modern houses
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The design of this family villa, located in the surroundings of Lake Como, consisted in the internal and external restructuring of the lot and its interior design. The old structure that occupied the lot was left in total abandon – the architects removed and reconstructed the roof, reapplied the waterproofing layer, removed the flooring, demolished all internal walls, installed new water, electrical, and heating systems… in other words, although this was a renovation of a preexisting building, they practically built this modern home from the ground up.

The project concept focuses on continuity between structure and environmental context, favoring light colors and natural materials that create harmony with the surrounding green areas. The result is a contemporary villa that's pleasant, cozy and elegant, with multiple spaces for guests to gather in various environments throughout the home.

​Transparency and harmony

External view of the Villa Studio Marco Piva Modern houses
Studio Marco Piva

External view of the Villa

Studio Marco Piva

The harmonization between the residence and the nature has been made possible through the generous use of windows in the exterior walls of the home. A first glance at the structure will tell you that transparency is a core element of the home, with floor-to-ceiling windows providing effortless views into the living areas. As the architects explain, it's through the windows that this project interacts with the context and takes part in its immediate surroundings.

​Pleasant patio

It's not just the structure that interacts with its surroundings; the residents are invited to take part, too!  This perspective shows two separate patio areas, the closer one providing a stylish white – and waterproof – table and chairs. A low-hanging lamp draws the arrangement together, pulling the table into into the center, into its own little intimate world. With a wide roof overhead, the residents of this home can enjoy picnics come rain or shine!

​Stunning views

There's a reason Lake Como is one of the most iconic places in Italy – this pristine view says it all. The designers have placed a quiet hanging chair at the edge of the patio, perfect for gazing off into the misty mountains early in the morning.

Contemporary style

On the inside, the home is furnished in accordance with the client's desire to build an atmosphere of grandeur, along with a sense of comfort and tranquility.  The decor embodies contemporary style, and this living room is an excellent example of it, from the high-contrast blend of materials to the high-tech undertones in the silver orb light and clear glass wall above.

​Dining room

The dining room greets the eye with fluid, organic shapes and curved lines, with the one exception being the framed black and white photograph on the wall. Otherwise, this dining space is filled with the relaxing and accommodating sensation created by the wavy lines and curvy shapes present in the chairs, table, curtain pattern, and ceiling light.


The bathroom hovers on the border between contemporary and minimalist, free from any ornate metalwork, intricate patterns, or plush fabrics. This crisp space instantly creates the sensation of a clean – and almost sterile – environment highly suitable for the cleansing space that it is.


The bedroom draws eyes to the heavens with this unique ceiling light – an appropriate choice for a room where you spend so much of your time facing the ceiling.


The contemporary kitchen gets a dose of fire with the vibrant oranges and yellows in the cluster of lights, but otherwise, the space is kept simple, streamlined, and as seamless as possible. Like many areas of the home, this kitchen offers plenty of seating for gathering around the kitchen counters as the cook prepares a tasty meal.

​Sitting Room

The importance of friends and family becomes more and more obvious as you  tour this home, as there are so many different spaces in the house for guests to gather and simply enjoy one another's presence. This sitting room still offers great views, serving as a pleasant spot for coffee in the cooler months of the year.


This unique blend of a conservatory and office gives ample views of greenery on three sides of the attached structure – a day at work in this office brings with it a deep breath of fresh air and rare sense of rejuvenation, all from the office desk.

Inspired by designers like Studio Marco Piva who seek to incorporate the environment into their designs? Then take a tour of this family home designed thrive within its natural context.

​Kids' room

Where the rest of the home is refined and polished, the children's room is a burst of creativity and energy! This playful space looks more like a fairytale fort than it does a bedroom, with permanent play structures built into the furniture of the room.

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