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12 terrific home entrances for every style

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A home's entry way is like a hand shake – it brings you into close contact with the home, delivering a strong first impression. From utter simplicity to elaborate embellished designs, here are 12 home entrances of different dimensions and styles to inspire your own unique first impression!

1. ​Practical, but refined

A simple apartment doorway can also be refined, as this example shows. This miniature home lobby gives off a sophisticated air without going over the top – a balanced arrangement of a small table, colorful pillows, plant, and mirror display offer convenience and a gesture of hospitality where guests are invited to check their appearance, put down their keys, place their bags, etc.

2. ​Straightforward

Entrance staged for sale with hired furniture and accessories. Heatons Home Styling Dining roomTables
Heatons Home Styling

Entrance staged for sale with hired furniture and accessories.

Heatons Home Styling

In an absence of bells and whistles, this door leads straight into the room, giving a sense of authenticity and acceptance the instant you walk in. Spacious and elegant, this design thrives on the absence of furniture rather than the addition of it.

3. ​Adventurous

It's like something out of Alice in Wonderland, and it's absolutely delightful! This visual treat is filled with bold patterns, rich colors, and an eclectic assortment of mix-and-match hallway furniture. Walking down this entrance hallway is surely an adventure!

4. ​Elevated

When the door opens to this sophisticated interior, your eye is instantly drawn to the glowing suspended orb that serves as the focal point of the room. With an unusually large storage cabinet resting to the side of the door, this tasteful entrance is easy to keep clutter-free.

5. ​Ethno-chic

Wicker baskets and wooden vases make an earthy first impression, instilling a natural warmth while transporting the mind to exotic places.

6. ​Scandinavian

White invades this calming space, alternating with a few wood accents and healthy plants on the windowsill. All around, small artistic details give the space a strong sense of personality. These are the main ingredients of a small but beautiful Scandinavian-style foyer.

7. ​Colour-blocking

To visually separate the entrance from the open concept living room, this modern design created by architects at maps_architetti uses a colour-blocking technique. The contrast between cream and blue separates the room into two areas while still keeping the entrance obstacle-free.

8. ​Semi-partition

An excellent choice for a small home or apartment, this entrance shelf provides separation of space between the foyer and living areas, as well as an array interesting visuals. All the while, the semi-partition keeps things feeling free and open.

9. ​Artistic

This narrow entrance hallway has been turned into an art gallery, with several warm-hued paintings leading you down the hallway to the sculpture-filled focal point at the end. This arrangement is a testament to the potential of narrow spaces everywhere!

10. ​Statement piece

Focusing on one or two statement pieces in an otherwise simple space can have a very stylish effect. This is exactly what happens in this beautiful entrance, which stands out with the metal staircase railing, a stylized grid with an industrial influence.

11. ​Earthy

In this beautiful entryway there are plenty of natural references brining a grounding, earthy element to the home. Smooth logs, whitewashed walls, and soft lighting instill a calming and grounding effect as you step into this organically influence home.

12. ​Energetic

The vibrant scenery of this entry immediately catapults a guest into a high-energy tropical atmosphere, thanks to the large leafy plants and wall paper design practically buzzing with life.

For more stylish entrance ideas, have a look at this ideabook's collection of sliding door designs!

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