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7 creative ways to make your living room stand apart

Leigh Leigh
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Often the entrances to our homes lead directly into the living room, which means that the spaces become a little bit confused and overcrowded.

How do we find a solution to separate these two spaces?

We hope you are inspired by these ideas from interior designers from around the world who've shared their expertise on how we can divide up the living space from the entrance. These seven examples are incredibly useful and will teach you all sorts of tips and tricks.

Let's take a look!

1. With a custom-built wall

If you are worried that by dividing up your living room from the entrance, you will take up valuable space, why not go for a modern and innovative option? Use this space for smart storage. Display your favourite books, let it house the television, a stereo system or even a small work space. 

In this image, we can see how multi-functional this option is and how it perfectly defines the spaces.

2. With open shelves

To divide up the living room from the entrance, use a structure such us open shelves to create a boundary. This is a practical and easy design to implement, which will help to make the entrance slightly more welcoming and give your living space some privacy. 

This is ideal for a room with lots of light as a partition like this could make the room quite dark.

3. Play with volume

Sometimes you don't need very large dividers to separate a room. You can just play with the volumes and spaces, creating different areas in the same environment. 

In this modern, open plan home, we can see how the ceiling has been lowered in one part of the room, with steps leading into a different section of the home. This keeps the area looking fluid and dynamic, while still keeping them separated.

4. With a library

If you'd like to create a corridor between the living room and the entrance, but you don't want to face the inconvenience and costs of construction work, why not create a corridor with a set of shelves like we can see in this example. This allows us to make the absolute most of the space available, while creating a clear division between spaces.

For a project like this, you may need to get in an expert in such as a carpenter to measure the ceilings and ensure that the bookshelf fits in just right.

This is an ideal option for those who own many books, creating a functional space where you can accommodate an entire library.

5. With a plasterboard wall

An alternative option for a library is to use a plasterboard wall to separate spaces. This is a simple and fast solution that creates two different yet very functional areas.

6. A small mobile piece of furniture

If your living room is small or if you don't want to create a completely separate entrance, you can use a piece of mobile furniture like this which takes up little space yet offers a little privacy from the entrance.

7. Use a pillar

Sometimes even a pillar can be useful for this kind of space, without getting in the way!

As we can see in this example, it can become a divider between the living room and the entrance. It can also double up as a shelf mechanism too!

Also have a look at these 7 impressive ideas for your entrance for inspiration!

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