Minimalist meets mod in this warm wooden home

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In a playful interpretation of iconic house geometry, this unique home has been built by the architect team from Alberico & Giachetti Architetti Associati in the beautiful park in Piedmont Hills, Italy. The exterior of the home instantly draws attention with its imaginative trio of triangular peaks, while the inside is characterized by warm wooden walls. The interior has been decorated with a creative, colorful twist on minimalism that incorporate styles from the mod era that emerged in Britain in the 60s.


This characteristic facade has been inspired by the most iconic house geometry imaginable: the simplistic triangle on square drawing that many have come to know as the stick figure drawing of a house. These architects have taken a creative spin on this simple shape, stacking three identical houses side by side, using repetition to create a visually interesting and balanced pattern. The large amount of light streaming in through the addition of the triangular windows ensures that the interior is very well lit with natural sunlight.

​Glamourous Garage

In a modern style more open than most, this garage area still permits airflow while sheltering cars and their passengers from rain and wind.

​Pool and Annex

The view overlooking the pool reveals an annex building hiding in the trees, made of the same Canadian maple that comprises the walls of the main building. This peaceful villa enjoys a spacious yard with plenty of diverse foliage having been built in the Piedmont Hills park, ranging from a tall deciduous to a cluster of grassy plants to a palm tree standing watch over the pool.

​Full of energy

The interior layout of the home does an excellent job of allowing sunlight to reach every area; many of the interior spaces are openly connected or separated by only semi-partition walls, giving an open and light feel to the space. The only surface not made of Canadian maple is the warm orange hallway that you see above, which leads to the sleeping areas. Overall, this common area offers a playful and high-energy environment with the warm tones in the floor and walls, and bold bursts of red and purple in the furnishings.

​Bold, but balanced

The architects place an emphasis on the natural views outside of the home; therefore, they've balanced their bold decor scheme with enough neutral and negative space in order to give the windows plenty of attention. Complimenting the general warm feeling of this interior scheme, this room features a luscious red lip sofa next to a cozy fireplace.

​Dining Room

This tidy dining room is framed by a small library as you enter from the living room. On the right, a porthole window and swinging door give access to the kitchen.

Retro Kitchen

If the porthole door – resembling that of a retro diner – gives a strong indication of the kitchen's theme: here, a 1970's retro style settles across the whole room, from the curvy orange chairs to the retro drawer handles to the coca-cola sign on the far wall. This kitchen enjoys a panoramic view from the breakfast bar, making it a both a familiar and comfortable spot for enjoying a cup of coffee with a  friend.

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This bedroom enjoys a feeling of openness less common for such a private, intimate space. The partition wall separates the large bedroom into two areas – sleeping and dressing, while keeping the space wide open. All around, calm neutrals ranging from light grey to a tawny brown provide a relaxed, laid-back sensation. One notable feature of this space is the unique circular wardrobe that has been built into a half-cylinder support structure – as well as the small bedside table that playfully mimics its shape.

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