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For this suburban project, German architects Helwig Haus Und Raum Planungs had to work with strict requirements for the development plan – a per the regulations of the new housing development, the roof was required to sit at an angle between 33 – 37 degrees, while the roof material was required to be a certain shade of red.

Despite these requirements, however, it seems as though this home has a mind of its own when it comes to adding a little bit of flair!

A bold red facade

The roof was required to be a particular red shade; the facade, however, was not! While the requirements of this new development attempt to get the homes to blend in, it seems this one insists on standing out! This bold and bright addition to the home's street-facing wall is purely stylistic, using a rich colour to portray a sense of vibrancy and playfulness emanating from the structure. The facade and roof have both been covered in a coordinated cover of ventilated form board panels, with the addition of roof tiles on the top. The rest of the exterior walls are constructed from a light grey plaster.

Love how this bold colour scheme pushes the envelope? Then have a look at this ideabook of wildly colourful family farmhouse!

Rebellious roof

Stipulations stated that the roof had to adopt a 33 to 37 degree angle – while the architects have adhered to the rules, they've also elaborated on the requirement in order to create their own unique interpretation in the roof. Here, a slight split level creates a vision of a half-and-half house, the side view showing how one half of the split personality home remains open to the yard, while the other is a bit more private.

​Lofty dining space

Next to the wide open views provided by the side window, this dining room gains a sense of freedom in both a horizontal and vertical direction! A sofa-style bench creates a lounge-like feel while also serving the purpose of providing streamlined seating in a narrow space. This design places additional emphasis on the outdoors – while the chairs are light and slim, the heavy bench dominates the dining scene, inviting you to climb in and enjoy a panoramic view of the neighborhood.

​Spacious living room

The living room enjoys a close connection to the dining space – but not too close. The dining room table has been lifted to a slightly higher level with the use of a small platform that allows for an open concept design while clearly distinguishing between functional spaces of the home. This living room is notable for the amount of space that it enjoys, with more than enough breathing room in the center.

​Industrial flair

The home is crisp and modern all around, but here and there, you'll find subtle hints of an industrial aesthetic. These exposed concrete stairs are one of them!


Most people skip the attic when providing a tour of their home; in this case, the attic's the best place to be! This space has been filled in with both a study and a billiards room, increasing the amount of usable, livable space in this family home.

Throughout the floors of the house, an energy-efficient geothermal energy system provides heat, which is circulated through a controlled ventilation system. The level of airtightness reaches the specifications for a passive house, making this home not only stylish, but highly resource-efficient as well.

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