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The hottest kitchen design trends of 2017

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If you're designing or renovating your kitchen in 2017, here are a few trends to be on the watch for!

​1. Multifunctional, modular furniture

Multifunctional kitchen furniture is one of the most practical trends that has dominated designs of 2016, and they're not going away in the new year! Not only do they allow for more convenient use of the kitchen, but they also help save valuable work space. This is particularly true for kitchen islands, acting as an easily customizable, modular piece that occupies the heart of the kitchen. A multifunctional island usually offers counter space, a stovetop or sink, an area for sitting, and plenty of cupboards that form the base.

​2. Minimalist design

While a bedroom is a great place for decorative frills, kitchens are increasingly found adhering to a minimalist aesthetic. In a space that gets heavy use every day, a neutral colour scheme and simple, smooth surfaces provide a refreshing and practical kitchen ambience. Minimalist kitchens are easy to keep tidy, as they often feature seamless, polished surfaces that are easy to wipe clean. If you're going for a minimalist look for 2017, you'll be ditching accessories like cupboard handles, a collection of appliances on the counter, and ruffled curtains on the window, instead opting for a no-frills space with plenty of storage for keeping odds and ends out of sight.

​3. New technologies

It's only natural that kitchens will continue to become more high-tech in 2017. If you're really ahead of the curve, you can install a chef robot above your counter whose robotic arms have been trained by measuring the movements of a professional chef at work. If you're not quite ready for the leap, opt for a stove like this one, which features a new technology that has a hood built right into the stove, providing ventilation without the need of a large accessory overhead. Smart devices that can be controlled from a tablet or phone are also becoming more popular for 2017.

​4. Salvaged materials, eco-themes

It seems that consumers every year look for more eco-friendly additions to their home. Kitchens are being built more and more from salvaged or recycled materials, like the cupboard doors on this rustic, farmhouse-themed kitchen.

​5. Thin countertops with resistant materials

This trend is occurring especially in homes renovating an old kitchen, where homeowners have grown tired of the cracks, chips, warped wood, and peeling varnish of their old countertops. This season offers a larger assortment than ever in smooth, lightweight, and durable countertops that can hold up to the years.

​6. Natural and organic themes

As people focus on eating healthy, local, and organic food, their kitchens have adapted as well. In 2017, look for more kitchen styles to feature raw and rough textures that jump straight out of the wild. This kitchen displays an assortment of animal hide, thick wooden boards, and exposed brick.

​7. Dark colors

Light pastels were popular a year or two ago; this year, it seems that dark colors will reign. Themes that display clear and monochrome tones surrounding black counters and cupboards are very stylish this year. It appears that black is the new white! Black also offers a high-contrast backdrop for a bright splash of colour, like in this example.

​8. Geometric themes

Combining elements of contemporary and Scandinavian style, geometrically-influenced kitchens are a stylish addition to a modern apartment or house. This example creates a geometrical theme with a simple backsplash wallpaper and statement lamp that hangs above the counter. Geometric themes are great for homeowners looking for a crisp, energetic look for their kitchen space.

​9. Textural contrasts

Texture has come into focus as a major element of kitchen design, producing kitchens that are rich in textural contrasts. Instead of smooth white walls next to smooth cream cupboards, expect to find pairings of knotted woods, wicker, exposed brick, polished stone, stucco, shiny metal, and plush fabrics side by side.

​10. Metallics

Main Kitchen Line with Marble Backsplash STUDIO Z Kitchen

Main Kitchen Line with Marble Backsplash


Copper, brass, and bronze are being seen everywhere in new kitchen designs. Look for statement lamps and kitchen accessories like kettles and countertop containers for bringing these polished materials into your own space. The designers from Studio Z have incorporated this metallic trend into both the lightbulbs and the set of copper pots on the kitchen counter.

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