Indoor garden: 16 ideas that are so easy to copy

Leigh Leigh
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The presence of an interior garden in a house or apartment is a trend that's becoming more popular. As more and more of us embrace city living, and its entailing fast pace, an interior garden brings a peace, tranquility and positive energy into the home. It also purifies the air.

homify has curated 16 designs for indoor gardens that are easy to copy, budget-friendly and perfect for a small space.

You will be so inspired by these beautiful designs, you will want to plant an indoor garden of your own.

1. Elegant and refined

This beautiful Zen garden is very aesthetically appealing. It is delimited by perfect lines, where different types of stone and gravel work together to create a very elegant design. This is ideal for a corner in the house.

2. Protected plants without external factors

One of the advantages to having an indoor garden rather than a terrace is that you will have less noise and the maintenance of the plants will be that much easier as they will be protected from the cold and the wind.

3. Low maintenance

The needs of indoor plants do not differ too much to the needs of outdoor plants. They need light, a pleasant temperature, some humidity and good ventilation.

4. Pots are a great choice

When it comes to an indoor garden, plants can be placed in pots for a modern and organized design. It also allows you to move the plants around if need be. 

Potted gardens can accommodate any type of plant as well as any size.

5. The perfect space for a healthy and beautiful garden

The success of an indoor garden is based on the choice of the interior positioning, ensuring that plants will grow and thrive.

In this design we can see that an area has been chosen that features lots of windows and sunlight. Normally windows that face the east or the west allow the most sunlight in.

6. Reinforced with artificial light

Choose a lighting system for your interior garden, illuminating the different details and designs.

7. Take advantage of the walls

Another way to make the most of your interior space is to utilize the walls of the house. Don't you love this design, by professionals MC3 Architects?

8. The choice of plants

Like an outdoor garden, there is a wide variety of plants that can grow indoors.

9. Zen-inspired

Creating a Zen garden can be quite pleasant, meditative and incredibly aesthetic. The size is not important, but the elements that are used are. Opt for simple and clean lines with decorative elements such as stones, gravel, rocks and bamboo sticks.

10. Perfect for giving renewed aesthetics to the house

Interior gardens are an element to keep in mind if you are designing a new house or thinking about remodeling it. It is the perfect way to take advantage of spaces, especially in the rooms of the house that don't have an outside view.

11. The presence of water

An interior garden element that will make an interior design more appealing is the presence of a small fountain.

As you can see in the image, it suits all tastes and designs and can adapt to small spaces. It also adds a wonderful earthy, natural and rustic touch to the space.

12. A small garden with excellent distribution

If you're well-organized, your little garden can look like it comes out of the pages of a design magazine.

13. Delicate flowers

SUNSET STRIP RESIDENCE , McClean Design McClean Design Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase
McClean Design


McClean Design

Flowers can also create a sensational interior garden, as we can see in this design. They create a bright and immaculate space that is full of life and colour. Don't you love how the flowers play with height and size in this image?

Flowers also work beautifully with a minimalist design, contrasting with the clean and simple lines.

14. Taking advantage of the roof

A simple way to create a unique interior garden is to take advantage of the roof. Not only will this provide you with the space that you need to really have fun with plants and flowers, but you won't take up an inch of floor space.

15. Pure simplicity by decorating the staircase

Make walking up and down the stairs a little bit more interesting! 

16. A really lovely garden

Take advantage of creating designs through recycled furniture or boxes, by filling your home with your unique and special personality.

In this design, we can see how refreshing this indoor garden is. This is because of how much charm and originality it holds! It is also a very functional garden.

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