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10 fabulous fireplaces to warm up your home

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Village ovens have their roots as brick-making kilns, but they've also been used for centuries as the traditional dome-shaped bread and pizza ovens that you recognize in Italian restaurants. Known for their ability to cook food very evenly and quickly, village ovens add a down-to-Earth, old-fashioned touch to a kitchen, patio, or dining room.

Likewise, the presence of a fireplace can add the same sense of warmth and earthiness to a room. 

From brick ovens to cast-iron pipe stoves to glass fireplaces, this idea book explores a few of the best designs for adding a little fire to your life.

1. Double fireplace

Two fireplaces – one with a cast-iron door and the other with open flames – are placed next to each other in this unique arrangement from the interior designers at Chiemsee Ofen. The closed fireplace is connected to the house heating system, conducting its heat through the home, while the open fireplace has been installed for aesthetic beauty.

​2. Indoor barbecue

This isn't something you see every day – here's a kitchen that features a grill and oven combined in one, creating the opportunity for an indoor barbecue! This model uses ceramic tiling to prevent heat transfer to the surrounding furniture, and a large hood and powerful vent fan to ensure the exhaust leaves the home through the chimney.

​3. A multi-functional wood stove

Located in the center of the room, this old-fashioned wood stove heats the space in addition to providing a cooking surface. Using old technology, this stove design gets a modern facelift with smooth white surfaces, polished metal trim, and a stylish wood storage shelf.

​4. Small, but powerful

This model, which is the smallest of the classic cast-iron fireplaces, rises gracefully off the ground on four dainty legs. The stove itself retains heat for a long time, serving as a heating element for the room. For these reason, the stove area has been lined with clay bricks to provide heat insulation. The top surface is used in the same way as a stovetop.

5. Rustic kitchen oven

This example of a village oven is built right into the corner of the kitchen, blending seamlessly with the brick wall behind it. While the large round shape of this oven style makes it difficult to fit into a small kitchen, this one strategically maximizes corner space, while providing a less conspicuous location for the chimney vent to emerge as well.

For more on rustic kitchens like this one, have a look at this ideabook: Rustic kitchens: are they still the rage? 

6. Mediterranean style

This eclectic style kitchen meets the eye with a decorative scene full of pattern and colour. With wooden tables and chairs in the mix, this kitchen emits a Mediterranean vibe – it's only natural that this outdoor cooking space would include an old-fashioned brick oven at the heart of its design.

7. Brick kitchen

This practical kitchen design takes a village oven to a whole new level. Located in a modernized rustic building, this brick kitchen is well-equipped with a wood stove (with fireplace below), as well as an oven covered by an old-fashioned cast-iron door. Topped off with a breakfast nook along the other side, this kitchen may be old-fashioned in choice of materials, but it fulfills the practical needs of a modern family home perfectly.

​8. Elegant furnace

 Perhaps the most beautiful furnace you'll ever lay eyes on, this majestic and decorative wonder looks like it's all for show – but it's not. Aside from providing warm flames that heat the room, this hearth is designed for cooking purposes as well, as evidenced by the hanging pots and rounded, wood-burning bread oven that sits beside the hearth.

​9. Ultra-modern fireplace

This modern fireplace shows off one of the most popular styles of recent years, a three-sided glass model. A fireplace of this style can be placed in this middle of the room and enjoyed on three sides (if suitable chimney arrangements can be made), making this a great focal point for the center of a room, as well as an efficient way to spread heat evenly though a space.

​10. Modern pipe stove

In this modernized version of the classic pipe stove, the legs have been extended, and the glass cover enlarged. This interesting model walks the line between pipe stove and hearth, its small dimensions fitting in perfectly with the low ceiling of this living room.

What do you think of these village ovens and creative fireplaces? Comment below!
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