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6 easy-to-build cozy cottages

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Owning a holiday home is a goal for many Canadians. In fact, it doesn't matter how many bedrooms, kitchens or how many bathrooms it has or if it has a high ceiling or a big garden. The important thing is having your very own escape from the rest of the world.

These 6 little cottages will whisk you away from city life so you can lose yourself in nature. 

These designs, by top professionals from around the world, may also inspire you to invest in a holiday home away from the hustle and bustle, where you can truly relax.

Escape from the city

Living in a cottage may not be as hard as you imagine. Yes, they are quite small structures that usually only address our most basic needs. For some, they may be a bit rustic even. But when you really think about it, the extras that you need are simply imposed on you by city life.

Meeting your basic needs will more than adequate when you live in natural. Remember that you can live a very simple life when you are away from the noise and the grime of a city.

Wood is a must!

In order to create the ideal cottage, wood is often an essential material. Whatever type of structure you build, you want to have a natural base material that works in harmony with the surrounds.

As we can see in this design, by Ozge Hotel & Bungalows, wood is indispensable both in terms of aesthetics and function. It is also an easy material to use as well as cost-effective.


This wooden cottage that we see here is quite small, but it takes on a box-like design.

This is a small but very functional cabin, with everything that you need for a short stay including a small terrace

This would be a great holiday destination for those who aren't looking for room service or the comforts of luxury hotels.

All year around

If the expectation from a cottage is that it will be more than just a holiday home, then this design may be a bit more appropriate.

This is a larger home that is ideal for living in, in all four seasons of the year! It's also built in a wood-like style, ensuring that it still works in harmony with the nature that surrounds it.

A more permanent residence

If you are looking for something a bit more permanent but you still want to be one with nature, then this cottage is for you. It features a little bit more than a roof and four walls!

The structure is still simple but is also quite sophisticated, with a stylish design and high-quality material.

A mix of materials

While we haven't yet explored straw houses in this project, here we come across a home that combines straw with wood. Straw houses are quite popular at the moment and are a wonderful example of sustainable architecture. They are also very suitable for small buildings like bungalows or huts.

Straw houses built with a timber frame can also be perfect for colder months, naturally insulating the interior spaces. 

If you've enjoyed this ideabook, you'll love exploring these 10 wooden homes that will make you yell wow!

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