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A modern mountain home for the whole family

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The interiors of this contemporary ski chalet have been created by interior designers from Shep&Kyles Design. This is not a private residence, but rather a brand new luxury ski chalet suitable for hosting couples and families on a ski vacation. This alpine lodge spares no expense in terms of comfort and warmth, offering an interior full of thick furs, hardwood beams, and other rich textural delights. With a strong focus on what the designers have described as a Savoy-chic style (Savoy being a region near the Alps), this chalet is a vision of a warm winter getaway.


The focus of this tour is on the interior of the chalet, but the exterior is also enough to leave you speechless. The building took two years to complete, from conception to major decision-making to finishing details. The result is a dramatic, authoritative, and majestic wooden lodge overlooking the snowy alpine slopes.

​Rustic wooden construction

A back view in broad daylight shows off the rich variety of textures offered in the wood-clad exterior of the chalet – a textural richness which only intensifies as you explore its many rooms!

​Lofty living space

Built on a hill, the home has taken shape with several different levels of various heights and floor plans. The top level sits right under the angled roof, with a wide open common room occupying what is technically attic space. Perhaps most notable in this room is the large, square fireplace that is open on all four sides, with a unique suspended chimney that allows guests to enjoy 360 degrees of fireside warmth. Also notable in this space is the rich, majestic aesthetic, present in the burgundy tones that characterize the upholstery, as well as the various natural furs found on the floor and bench.

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​Modern kitchen

The house takes a break from the rustic lodge theme in this kitchen, instead opting for a highly functional and up-to-date space with sleek surfaces and stainless steel found everywhere. In this way, the chalet offers a rustic, relaxed atmosphere without forgoing any modern convenience.

​Sunny sitting room

As you continue to wander through the open concept common area, you find another texturally rich scene, with rough wood putting up a stark contrast against a fuzzy cowhide sofa and positively fluffy rug. Both the cowhide on the sofa and the cow skull mounted on the wall conjure a Western ranch aesthetic, while their more elegant features (retro chaise lounge design, golden metallic paint) bring about that chic aesthetic.

​Cozy bedrooms

All of the bedrooms in this chalet emanate a sense of warmth and comfort from the instant you peer in the door. A warm orange glow is cast from a wall mounted light, bringing a romantic vibe into the room, while the bed offers up just as much fur and fluff as the other rooms of the home.

​Children's room

Not just for couples, this chalet is equipped for large families traveling with children as well. These rustic bunk beds made from salvaged wooden beams are like a vision from a dream treehouse.

​Media room

In the basement, the chalet offers several entertainment options. This home theatre certainly offers a luxurious environment for kicking back after a day on the slopes!


If the luxurious home theatre didn't call your name, perhaps the basement's home bar will! This space is a unique blend of an upscale lounge and a down-to-Earth rustic lodge, with an old wooden barrel and bright blue neon lights both adding their own type of ambience to the room.

​Hot tub

And what would a vacation be without a hot tub? This well-lit wooden deck offers a perfect setting for warming up after a day braving the cold winds.

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