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The new year is waiting on your doorstep, and it's bringing several new trends in home design and decor along with it. From colour schemes to building materials, here are the trends that you'll see rising in popularity in 2017!

​1. Trending colours

Gray already came into the spotlight in 2016, and during 2017 this colour will see some new reiterations. Look for colour schemes that incorporate various shades of grey from a light smoke to a rich charcoal. Debating between a hi-gloss and an eggshell finish for your paint job? The new year brings a focus on materials with a matte finish.

Also at the center of the interior design scene, warm terracotta tones balanced with cooler splashes of blue and white will be trending; tastes are also shifting towards pink and coral as well as gold.

​2. Wood is here to stay

The wood is unrivaled: it's one of those timeless materials that, regardless of the time, holds its appeal in many different manifestations over the years. In 2017, wooden features in homes will be presented in a more natural and less treated manner, emphasizing the natural grain and texture of the wood.

​3. Marble: classic with a comeback

Marble has taken a backseat in recent years as people opt for other sturdy and stone materials. However, 2017 is bringing marble back into the spotlight, not only as a coating for countertops or floors, but also as an artistic structural element of furniture. It costs a pretty penny for the real thing, but imitations come at a more budget-friendly price.

​4. Industrial themes

Walls are speaking up in 2017, offering up the concrete finishes and exposed pipes typical of an industrial aesthetic. Instead of going for an all-out factory or warehouse look, homes are adopting a softer and more natural industrial theme in 2017, balancing pipes, metals, and concrete with a welcome contrast of wood, furs, and soft, plush upholstery.

​5. Large prints

Along with a cultural shift towards everything vintage, large wallpaper prints are back, reminiscent of the highly embellished and decorative apartment styles of the early 1900s.  Count on seeing large floral prints, as well as abstract geometrical versions and even psychedelic themes.

​6. Eclectic fabric blends

The world of fabrics will be characterized by a taste for combinations that pull together an eclectic mixture of textures and styles: cotton prints, painted silk, elaborate brocades, velvet, faux fur… it seems your only limit in 2017 will be your own imagination. Look to combine high-contrast textures in your arrangements. This example bedroom shows a soft fleece throw with an assortment of neutral pillows that all have something unique to throw into the mix.

​7. Velvet furniture

While 2017 is a year for eclectic fabric blends, there's one material that stands out above them all: velvet. You can incorporate velvet easily with the addition of a velvet throw for your couch or bed, but in 2017 it's the furniture itself – armchairs, chaise lounges, sofas – that will be swathed in this luxurious material. Velvet upholstery that imitates vintage styles will be especially popular, and you can count on these timeless vintage velvet items to withstand fluctuations in taste and style over the years. 

And as an alternative to a velvet, another fabric trend of 2017 will be that of denim fabrics.

​8. More metals

The trend started in 2016, and it will only grow stronger in the coming year: look for metals – especially copper, bronze, and gold – in decor schemes of every style. From industrial to rustic to Scandinavian decor themes, metal is popping up as a highlight in hanging light fixtures, picture frames, furniture, floor lamps, trim, and the list goes on! This example from the architects at Marcos Contrera showcases a metallic theme in the ceiling lamps.

​9. Eclecticism

Still trying to find your own unique style? You're in luck: 2017 is a year full of eclectic style blends. Look for decor themes that focus on tying together elements from various decorating styles. This room, as an example, pulls straight lines, neutral colours, and natural materials from a Scandinavian aesthetic, with a patterned floor and velvet armchairs that look like something out of a 1920s apartment in Manhattan. The shelf on the wall takes on a more industrial tone with its exposed pipe frame. 

2017 is a year to embrace a wide range of tastes, to experiment with several styles in a curious combinations that result in a general eclecticism. Especially popular will be decor themes juxtaposing modern and vintage elements.

​10. New decor techniques

While architects continue to develop technologies in their design to save energy, reduce waste, and increase efficiency, the interiors of  homes are also experimenting with new decor techniques. Among these is the new splatter painted upholstery that bring a wild, laissez-faire element to your furniture. This example shows a new way of drawing out this theme, linking the splatter painted couch to the blue printed curtain and jabberwocky stack of blue books.

For a full tour of a modern, on trend, and cutting edge home, have a look at this ideabook!

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