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When the owners first bought this beach cottage, they transformed the house. It was updated to be completely energy efficient using environmentally friendly materials. The home was also enlarged so that they could enjoy more space in this holiday cottage near the sea. The result is a gorgeous beach cottage that’s inspiring us to book off vacation days!

This French beach cottage with its dramatic pitched roof is anything but ordinary. There is a natural wood terrace on the facade to let you enjoy the fresh sea air from your home. The raised main floor of the home provides excellent views of the surrounding land. The mixed levels of the home make it look dynamic and intriguing. We love the wood shutters because they mix traditional and modern elements. Ready for a tour?

Architectural details

Let’s get into the specifics of how the home works. An existing metal frame and concrete slabs wouldn't allow for good energy performance. They build a new home with a mixed concrete and wood frame. To make an environmentally sound home, they installed a heat pump, invested in solar energy, and used cotton wool cellulose insulation. The wood and concrete frame create a comfortable climate inside the home all year. 

The north and partition walls are cinder block concrete. They chose this material for stability and coated the wall with traditional plaster to insulate the home and make it airtight. Perfect for conserving energy!

Seaside patio

When we take a closer look at the home we can see the simplistic beauty of the classic gabled roof. There is a patio with those same lovely shutters that can protect the windows from stormy winds. Imagine taking a cup of tea on this patio as the sun sets. 

Natural landscape

The natural beauty of the beach side site shines through the design.  The landscaping includes rocks that they preserved in their original place. They help to beautify and protect the home from erosion. The architects have created a naturally beautiful home because they let the site dictate the architecture.

Beach sunset

As the sun sets on this beach cottage we can appreciate the angles of the home. The different cuts and lines take advantage of the changing light throughout the day. The home is always well lit and warmed by the sun. At night, warm exterior lights transform the wrap around terrace. It becomes an entertainment space where guests could enjoy warm summer evenings.

Glam cottage design

Taking a look inside, there is a loft space in the home that looks incredibly glamourous. Raw wood beams and floors make the space look like a luxe version of a cottage. The black frame of the window and patio door is an elegant accent in the room. Take a look at the inspiring view outside! We love the lampshade up here embossed with a picture of the beach.

Dining room from above

A view to the dining room from the loft shows how the home makes use of different styles of wood for the flooring, stairs, and doors. Skylights on the roof help bring in natural light to brighten the room. We love the wood burning stove in this room that helps heat the home in the cool months. This is a stunning cottage where we wouldn’t mind spending the winter!

Thank you for taking a tour of this beach cottage with us! For more beachside living inspiration check out our feature on the perfect seaside home in England!

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