The green suburban home that's savvy on space

Leigh Leigh
Architekturbüro Schlesinger
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Today, we are going to visit a 3444 square meter property, where only 1399 square feet was usable.

This is because the home was built on a hill, which means some of the land was too steep to build on.

Yet design professionals Architekturburo Schlesinger rose to the challenge, using innovation and creativity to achieve the most remarkable results. They've also created optimal exposure, allowing plenty of ventilation through the home.

What's more is that we will get the chance to explore the architectural plans so that we can really see how they've managed to achieve something so savvy. 

Sustainable measures have also been implemented to create a truly green home, including solar support and a heat pump.

What will strike you most about this design, however, is how modern and savvy it is as well as how wonderfully it works with the white snow that surrounds this home in winter. It's like a winter wonderland!

Let's take a look!

Chic and stylish

From the front of the home, we can see that the designers have gone for a very modern and contemporary look and feel. 

The double-storey home features a sleek, flat roof that neatly packages the black and white facade below it. The designers have played with the space available to them, using volumes and shapes to draw attention to different parts of the facade.

Black and white work very well together, creating a very striking look and feel. When it is snowing, this design is made even more dramatic and appealing. 

The entrance to the home is very simple, but very sweet with a little sheltered area where guests can wait out of the sunshine, rain or snow while the residents open the door. 

Three levels

From the back of the house, we can see that it takes on a whole new perspective! Because there weren't too many square metres to play with, the designers have used height and vertical space to their advantage. The result is a three-tiered home where each level spills out onto a gorgeous outdoor space.

The bottom level of the home opens up onto a beautiful and spacious back garden as well as a little terrace area where the family can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air with family and friends. The other two levels open up onto spacious balcony areas.

The white tones are more prominent on this side of the home, resulting in a very sleek and savvy looking design.

Balcony spaces

Here we get a little glimpse of the balcony area on the upper level of the home. While not incredibly spacious, this is the perfect area to enjoy the surrounding views as well as some fresh air and sunshine.

The designers have gone for dark wooden floors for this space, which look trendy but are also durable in all weather conditions too. The sleek silver balustrades are functional, but finish off this look and feel perfectly.

Open plan interiors

The interiors of the home are very appealing, merging comfort and style.

The wooden floors bring warmth and homeliness to this predominantly white space while the open plan design creates a feeling of space and interaction. 

We can see that a few pieces of carefully selected art and decor have been added to the home, introducing personality and charm. Remember that your home is an extension of who you are, so you want it to feature items that truly speak to your interests and passions. 

Do you see what a role natural light plays in this living room, enhancing every detail of it?

The upper-storey

From this image, we can see how the designers have carefully planned the upper-storey. 

Architectural plans are very useful, allowing for the residents and the designers to remain on the same page when it comes to what the final home will look like.

In this image, we can see how the bedrooms have been carefully divided, giving each family member plenty of space. We can also see how the balcony has been created, spilling out from the interior space.

The open plan lower level

This plan shows how the designers planned out the lower level of the home, including as little walls as possible. This creates a very social and interactive living space. 

We can also see the large, double garage on the left of the house where vehicles and bicycles can be stored neatly out of sight, protected from all weather conditions. 

The terrace at the front of the house allows for sun loungers, a lounge area and a dining spot, creating a whole new living area for the family outside!

Are you impressed with how the designers have worked with space in this design?

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