10 small changes to make you fall in love with your home again

Leigh Leigh
Clorofilia Modern living room
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Sometimes when we are working on a decor project in our home or are redesigning a room in the house, it can become quite a mammoth task that takes up a lot of our time. We may not even have the time to fully dedicate ourselves to this project either. Yet, we don't want to give up on having a beautiful and savvy home that turns heads.

This is why today at homify, we've curated 10 small tweaks that will make your house more pleasant. These are little things that you can do right now, improving every aspect of your home.

Each of these are intended to delight and inspire you, while ensuring that you live in a comfortable and beautiful home.

Let's take a look!

1. Replace those old-fashioned tiles

When we think about redecorating our kitchen, the idea of having to change everything can instantly put us off, but there is no need to feel so overwhelmed. Just by changing a few small details, you can achieve a completely new look and feel.

Here we can see a perfect example. This kitchen features a modern white cabinet with a wooden shelf above it. All that needed to be changed was the tiles between the two, creating a much more stylish effect.

2. Grow fresh herbs in your kitchen

Get a more natural and lively environment in your kitchen instantly by growing fresh herbs. Not only will all of your dishes be that much more tasty, but your kitchen will be filled with pleasant smells throughout! It will also give a touch of colour to the environment.

3. Paint a wall a vibrant colour

Modern Blue view 2 homify Modern style bedroom

Modern Blue view 2


Give your living room more personality and style by painting one of your walls a vibrant and attractive colour, whether it's a shade of blue, red or even yellow.

In this design, by professionals Studio Artere, we can see how a beautiful finish has been created in the bedroom, where the dominant colour is a soft brown. This has been strategically contrasted with white and blue tones, while the one background wall brings a very trendy and edgy look and feel to the space. 

The furniture has been highlighted dramatically because of this colour scheme, with the result being a very attractive bedroom.

4. Use decorative vinyl

Decorative vinyls are an excellent idea when we want to save time decorating spaces. You can save money, without losing the appeal of a wall design. 

There are also so many choices available and when you get bored, you simply peel them off.

5. Use seasonal colours

'Letizia' wooden sliding top coffee table by La Primavera homify Living roomSide tables & trays

'Letizia' wooden sliding top coffee table by La Primavera


Look for colours that work in harmony with your favorite season of the year.

In this living room, we can see how the designers have worked with a spring theme, where colours like blue, green and pink stand out against the other various decorative elements in this space, achieving a beautiful and unique finish. 

A few well-located colourful details can have a delightful impact.

6. Furnish your home with indoor plants

Sometimes our homes already look gorgeous, but we just need a few more details to give it some personality or breathe new life into it. In this case, plants for interiors can be a great option!

Don't worry too much about the maintenance of these plants as most indoor vegetation need little watering. 

7. Some decorative candles

Aromatic candles not only offer a fresh and aromatic touch when it comes to your interior design, but it also adds diversity to the look and feel of your home while adding colour to the design. Candles also give the home a beautiful ambiance, giving it a lovely soft glow. 

This is also a great way to achieve some romance and sophistication.

8. Pictures working in harmony with one another

Another way to decorate your walls is to introduce your family history, putting family photographs up. Do you see how these designers have used different sized and shaped frames to bring an eclectic look and feel to the room?

This style of decor brings in a very contemporary and sentimental touch to the walls.

9. Buy a cat!

Having a cat in your home makes the space that much more cozy, entertaining and fun. It also makes the space feel that much more luxurious. 

10. Do a spring clean

Sometimes all that your home needs is a good spring clean! Throw out anything that you don't need, keeping your home looking neat, tidy and minimalist. 

Have a look at these 12 common bedroom design mistakes that are easy to avoid for inspiration!

Which of these are you going to implement in your home?

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