McKellar Park New Home: modern Houses by Jane Thompson Architect

This Ottawa home is both practical and stylish

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This modern family home, in the suburbs near Canada's capital city Ottawa, boast a rich blend of materials both inside and out. Built by architect Jane Thompson, it's a residence that displays a high-quality and upscale aesthetic, all with a neutral undertone. Crisp geometrical designs characterize the interior areas of the home, bringing out a sense of refinement, order, and attention fine-tuned aesthetic detail. With a large amount of the home's surface area occupied by windows, the interior of the home receives plenty of sunlight in all of it's rooms – it's time to see what this Canadian beauty holds within its walls! 

​Contemporary facade

A first glance at the home reveals a strong contemporary aesthetic, displaying a high-contrast mixture of materials (brick, stone, wood) of various colors. The white stone serves to anchor the home to the ground, drawing a heavy line down the middle and extending toward the sidewalk in the form of shallow steps. The main masses of the building take on a modular look, with a neutral brick segment on one side and a dark blue wooden segment on the other – this blue segment is also divided into a split-level that accommodates a garage. 

The structure is topped off with a flat roof that draws attention to the rectangular framework of the home. Windows placed very close to the upper edge of the building draw eyes upwards and give the building some added visual height.

​Back view

The front of the home is a bit more closed off, but the back of the house embraces a wide view of the lush backyard through the installation of large windows on every floor. The basement of the home enjoys a surprising amount of sunlight, opening onto a small patio that's been dug out of the surrounding slope.


In a home with attention drawn to height, you can expect magnificent stairs. The wooden staircases of the home appear as thin as paper with their cut-out design, and clear bannisters give an added layer of airiness and transparency. Rather than closing off the home into separate levels, these stairs join the levels of the home with strong visual lines that are easily viewed from many locations within the home, allowing for ease of movement, airflow, and communication throughout the space.


This modern kitchen impresses with its large floor plan, but also with a well-balanced colour scheme that covers a wide range of neutral hues. Dark brown surfaces are found in an even distribution throughout the space, bringing your eyes from the back wall to the island to the kitchen cabinets, and back again. Likewise, bright white is speckled throughout the space, connecting the backlash to the kitchen island to the hanging lamps above the dining room table. The variety and contrast present in this neutral colour scheme brings a sense of movement and energy to the space – an appropriate sensation for a room that receives lots of action from dawn till dusk.


This brand new home takes a classic turn in the bathroom, with a strong symmetry giving shape to the layout of the space. In the center of the wall, a bathroom sink floats above a polished marble floor, creating a lifting effect above the heavy, grounded stone. The bathroom furniture is completely symmetrical, with two faucets over two drains, below two lights, under two equally proportioned cabinets. This bathroom certainly gives off a clean and balanced feel.

​Sunlit tub

Not every bathtub enjoys this much sunlight – in this bathroom, you can practically sun bathe while you take a bath! In a unique arrangement that accommodates both a bathtub and a standing shower side by side, this bathroom space is both luxurious and lofty – and coated in an impeccably clean shade of brilliant white!

​Modern neutral interiors

The interior spaces of the home greet the eye with crisp geometrical shapes and an array of neutral colours. This scheme seems to stand out for its ability to blend in, tying together the elements of the home with furniture in muted tones, soft, comforting colours, and smooth materials. 

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