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A simple home holds all sorts of charm

Leigh Leigh
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Today, we are going to visit a very simple home that features all sorts of interior delights and surprises. Designed by professionals Coupdeville, this home is the perfect example of a collision between trend and functionality.

This home is also very simple and sleek on the outside and then packed with character and charm on the inside. The balance between simplicity and personality is simply flawless.

As you explore this home today, you'll pick up some wonderful decor and design tricks for your own home too! 

Are you ready to take a look?

The simple exterior

From the outside of the home, we can see just how simple and sleek it is. 

The facade features a balance of smooth, white plastered walls and textured, wooden cladding. It also interspersed with large glass windows throughout, allowing natural light to flow into the home. This also creates a beautiful connection between the interior and exterior space.

The entrance to the home is very sweet and savvy, with a simple yet large wooden door flanked by two big glass windows. This allows a little peek into the home, ensuring guests already feel welcome and part of the family the moment they step on the welcome mat!

Remember that your entrance is the first impression that people will get of your home so you want it to look beautiful. A sheltered entrance is a great advantage, keeping guests protected from weather conditions while they wait for you to open the door. 

Have a look at these 7 impressive ideas for your entrance for inspiration!

The homely living room

The moment we step through the front door, we can see how homely and charming the interior space is.

The living room features a neutral base of a light wooden floor and white walls. However, the furniture and decor items bring texture, tone, colour and personality to the space. 

The designers have gone for a grey rug, paired with white and tan sofas. The room is further enhanced by some colourful cushions and throws, while a modern fireplace combines functionality and trendy.

On the wall, the designers have installed shelves, which keep an array of decor items and picture frames on display.

This is truly a family home where we get a feel for their warmth!

Open plan spaces

In this image, we can see how the living room spills into the dining room, which opens up onto the kitchen. The open plan design makes for a very social and interactive space, which is further enhanced by the large glass windows and doors. These also allow natural light to flow into the home, which makes for a very bright and warm interior.

The open plan design also makes the house seem that much bigger and more spacious. It truly suits a family, allowing them to chat to one another no matter where they are in this living space. Mom and dad can be cooking in the kitchen while the kids do their homework at the dining room table and everyone will still be together. 

While there are a few charming decor pieces throughout the home, we can also see that storage is king in this home. It keeps the home organized and neat throughout!

The sleek kitchen

The kitchen features big, black tiles on the floor, which subtly separate it from the rest of the living space.

The black tiles contrast beautifully with the sleek white walls, cabinets, drawers and shelves. Black and white kitchens are sometimes the only way to go!

A kitchen island is the hero of this space, creating a wonderful social and interactive spot that the family can gather around. It also provides an extra surface space to cook and prepare food.

Tip: A fresh vase of flowers or a pot plant can add a beautiful and natural touch of decor to the space.

The simple bedroom

The main bedroom of the house is very tranquil and serene where wooden furniture and floors are combined with white walls and linen. 

For a bedroom, you want to create a sense of serenity, which is why an earthy or neutral colour palette can work so well sometimes. A minimalist style also works very well in this environment, keeping anything that isn't functional or necessary neatly out of sight.

In order to achieve a very neat, tidy and peaceful ambiance in your bedroom, invest in good storage units such as a chest of drawers, a large cupboard and bedside tables. 

The homely spare

The spare bedroom is just as welcoming and warm as the main bedroom, with a dash of colour thrown in, in the form of artwork, cushions and throws. This is subtle but very effective!

We can also see how natural light plays a big role in the room, creating a very homely and appealing interior space. 

Tip: Add a rug to the floor to give it a little touch of comfort.

The kid's bedroom

With a kid's bedroom, you can afford to have a little bit more fun and be a little bit more creative.

In this room, we can see that the designers have done exactly that. They've introduced blue and red tones into the design, while decorating the space with patterns and textures. 

Have a look at these other awesome bedroom ideas for the kids!

The impressive backyard

We end off our tour in the exceptional backyard, where the interior of the home spills out onto an expansive garden and luxurious terrace. This is the ideal space for relaxing in the fresh air and sunshine while the kids play on the neatly manicured lawn.

The terrace has been furnished with some comfortable and durable sofas and armchairs, which allows this area to be truly utilized. It is a comfortable and multi-functional space. 

Tip: When choosing comfortable outdoor furniture, go for pieces that will withstand all weather conditions so you don't have to replace them so often. 

This image truly shows us how beautiful a connection between the interior and exterior spaces can be.

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