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A sensational silvery cabin to fuel your creativity

Sarah Rose Anderson Sarah Rose Anderson
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Where the forests meet the sea we find this silvery cabin in a Norwegian fjord. This unique landscape is home to an ocean front home that really shines.

This winter we can’t get enough cabin inspiration. We love the exciting contrast between the metallic exterior of the home and its surrounding natural landscape. Read on for a tour of this silvery cabin!


Aluminum designed to resist seawater corrosion wraps the home like a shining present. It creates a shiny look we’ve never seen in a home before. The panels reflect the sunlight beautifully. This is the back of the house, where an awning shades a small deck. A couple of loungers invite you to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Top down

A view from atop the mossy boulder shows us how the home is cut like a gem with fractal shapes. This is a bold, asymmetrical look that captivates. Next to the moss and the grasses of the landscape we feel transported to a futuristic home.

Aluminum and glass

The home’s exterior is all glass and aluminum. Extensive glazing in the home opens it up to the surroundings.

Angles and depth

This home has plenty of visual interest. Here we see how the home plays with angles and depth to create an enticing shape.

At night

At dusk, the interior of the home glows like a gem while the outside shines a cold metallic hue. Check out the shape of the chimney! Imagine sitting in the glowing living room and watching the sun set over the sea!

On the ocean

This is truly a seaside cabin. Sitting just on top of the sea, the home shines like a beacon! As the sun shifts throughout the day, it gleams off the home in changing hues.

Breezy interiors

With these open windows, the home will get a cross breeze. The high ceilings inside mean that the interiors are airy and light! Let homify connect you with interior designers and decorators to get a look like this in your home.


The home has three separate volumes that connect with this corridor. The shapes fold around to create a sense of a larger home on a smaller footprint. Windows with different shapes and volumes are a charming addition. The design of the cabin makes it feel interconnected.

Living room

Take a look inside the gleaming white interior of the living room. Aligned to create a perfect ocean view, this room is stunning. We love the chic minimalist design in the home! It has a clean finish within and without.

Open modern plan

A floating fireplace separates the living and dining areas in this combined open space. It's a bold accent in this light as air room. A fireplace is perfect for winter cabin getaways because it gets cold in Norway in the winter after all! Floor to ceiling windows brighten the cream and white interiors. All day long it's cozy and airy.

Thanks for taking a look at this silvery cabin with us! For more home inspiration, check out our feature on a crystal shaped home in the Japanese woods.

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