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13 things you must turf from your kitchen

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While the kitchen is often referred to as one of the most well-stocked quarters of the home, there are times when we end up keeping irrelevant items there. This makes the space cluttered and working here becomes a chaotic affair, thereby leading to stress every time you think of cooking. So what are the things you should avoid keeping in the kitchen? Here’s the list!

1. Vases on the counters

Vases look good in the living room and other quarters of the home. It would be a good idea to avoid placing vases in the kitchen as they may topple or restrict your own movements.

​2. Too many fruit bowls

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While the colourful fruits and the stylish bowls may look good, they only take up needless counter space. So try and limit the number of bowls by keeping all your fruits in one basket.

3. ​Unused books and newspapers

We usually tend to stack up the books, magazines and newspapers that we do not use. But try and avoid creating this stack in the kitchen as it will lead to clutter and hamper your functioning.

4. ​Appliances

There are many appliances that we use on a daily basis, which should find their rightful place on the counter top. But there are many others that we do not require everyday. We should keep these away from the counters.

5. ​Personal collectibles

Try and limit the pictures, clocks and other artifacts from piling up in your kitchen so that the clutter is cut to a minimum.

6. ​Food Items

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Bespoke oak larder


There are many food items like canned and packaged food that we do not use everyday, and we tend to forget about them. Try and limit these and throw out what you have not used in a while.

7. ​Keep the silver out

The family heirlooms like silver and other such items should be kept in more formal areas like the dining room, rather than the kitchen.

8. ​Avoid too much greenery

You should keep a few potted plants and herbs, but not too many so that thoroughfare becomes easier.

​9. Pots and pans

You should only display those pots and pans that are actually being used rather than displaying all the pieces whether or not you use them.

10. ​Newspapers and magazines

These are items that should be placed in the living room, bedrooms or the den, rather than the dining space or kitchen.

11. ​Pretty baskets

While one or two pretty baskets and jugs may be a nice touch to the kitchen, too many will only create chaos!

​12. Carpets

Pippy oak kitchen Churchwood Design Kitchen
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Pippy oak kitchen

Churchwood Design

One rug in the area between the dining room and kitchen may be a good idea, but a carpet in the kitchen may cause you to trip and fall, besides getting dirty very fast.

​13. Knives and smaller utensils

Keeping your precious knife set outside will only ensure that it gathers dust. The same goes for other utensils too. So store them in drawers for easy access and maintenance. Here are few other awe-inspiring ideas that might be of your interest - 6 simple tricks to banish bad odours!

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