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Bunkie: The first tiny Canadian home

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High housing prices got you down? You don't have to live under a leaky roof in the name of affordability, and this house is proof! This tiny Canadian home is short and sweet, and full of smart details that make living in even the smallest spaces highly comfortable and efficient. Not only this, it's completely off-the-grid! Take a tour of this stylish – and portable – tiny home below!

​Living in the great outdoors

This tiny home, nicknamed Bunkie by the architects who built it, doesn't look like much from the front - and that's the whole point. This design is elegantly simple and highly utilitarian, designed to be packed up and towed to, well, just about anywhere. One especially interesting aspect of this tiny home design is the emphasis on sustainable and renewable energy features, such as the rain barrel to the right, and solar panels on top of the structure.

​Thoughtful design

The elongated interior of this tiny home maintains a sense of spaciousness and openness, despite its small size. Every piece of furniture and decor has been specially designed to accommodate various life situations and functions. As the architects from Greenmoxie Magazine have explained, once they began to work on the project, they found there were more and more innovative ideas they wanted to try. The result is a highly functional interior that looks simple, but hides a complex array of functional and innovative furniture designs.

​Living area

Looking back towards the front door, the living room comes into full view. Floor to ceiling shelving units emphasize the height of the building, while a narrow bench fits in efficiently along the wall, staying clear of walking space (and providing a large amount of handy storage beneath). On both sides, this home receives plenty of sunlight through wide windows, bringing a light and spacious feel into the home. The red wooden door is another notable addition, serving as a traditional element that brings along with it a sense of grounding and establishment for this mobile home.


Walking through the narrow home, you arrive at a kitchen, and beyond, the bathroom. These two rooms are separated by a sliding door that saves space by eliminating the need for a large area for swinging on hinges. As you can see, this kitchen space is extremely well-equipped – despite looking like a camper, this tiny home houses some high-quality and full-size items, like the 5-burner stove and oven, full-size fridge, and large sink with ample counter space.

​Distinct spaces

A white tiled backsplash gives an especially kitchen-like character to the space, ensuring that each room maintains its own character despite being packed so close together.

​Bedroom loft

Above the kitchen, the bedroom enjoys plenty of space under a slightly sloped roof. This sloped design allows headspace for walking under the taller section, decreasing in height over the head of the bed to create a feeling of shelter and intimacy. A clear partition wall increases the amount of visual space in the room.

​Streamlined stairs

These stairs lack a railing, eliminating any heavy visual obstructions from the center of the room. Underneath, the stairs offer space for a fridge and for kitchen pots and pans. Sitting opposite, you'll notice a small stove and chimney that are used to heat the small home. One of the benefits of such a small floor plan is the ability to heat it with such a tiny stove and minimal amounts of fuel!

​Side view

The side view shows a large bay window and square window above the kitchen sink. On top, you'll notice a small chimney extending from the stove, as well as a slanted array of solar panels.

​Friendly front porch

Taking advantage of its beautiful location, the front of the home has a fold-down wooden patio with just enough room for a picnic table. Lit by the glow of a golden light and resting calmly in front of the friendly red door, this home looks like a miniature version of a traditional country ranch!

​Time to go!

When it's time to pack up and move to new places, the front porch folds up conveniently, encouraging a nomadic, wanderlust lifestyle that goes wherever the wind blows!

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