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From boring in the 'burbs to suburban bliss

Leigh Leigh
KleurInKleur interieur & architectuur
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Today, we will tour a renovation which transformed a boring house in the 'burbs into a stylish and trendy home that leaves the neighbours green with envy!

When design professionals Kleurinkleur Interieur & Architectuur intervened, they faced with an old-fashioned home that was rather dull. Yet they could see how much potential existed. For starters, the home is on a large property, which allowed them plenty of space to work with. The interiors also offered enough space to really get creative with design and decor. 

And so these designers rose to the challenge, creating a simply extraordinary home that balances modernity, functionality and style.

Before: Boring and outdated

Here we get a first glimpse of the home and we can see that the style is rather tired, boring and drab. The roof needed to be replaced and the facade was in serious need of a fresh coat of paint. 

Yet, we can also see how much potential exists! The home features a gorgeous and lavish garden, with plenty of beautiful trees and plants, which enhance the facade.

With so much space to work with, the designers were free to have some fun with this renovation.

Before: Lack of maintenance

While this home at some stage looked beautiful and stylish, it hasn't been maintained or update in quite some time. This gives it that very tired look and feel.

The facade of the main building looks like it comes out of the fifties, while the shape is very traditional.

Let's see how the designers mix it up!

After: Modern touches

The designers have worked with the space available to them to mix materials and create a very trendy and modern home.

The mix of materials work together beautifully, with the black bricks, white wooden slats and pale facade creating a gorgeous look and feel.

The designers have also ensured that there is a little home for the cars in the form of a covered garage. A brick driveway leads up to it. As Canadians, we know how important it is to have a space where our cars can be tucked safely out of any adverse weather conditions. They also don't need to be elaborate designs – they can be simple and sleek.

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After: A very trendy design

The new structure is very appealing with its dark tones and abundance of glass throughout the facade.

The home even spills out onto a little terrace, where the fresh air and sunshine can be enjoyed by the family in comfortable chairs.

This image really shows us how the designers have played with the garden space available to them. The glass doors and windows create a seamless connection between the interior and exterior, while providing each room with a view of the beautiful nature that surrounds the home. 

After: The elegant entrance

The entrance to the home is very sophisticated and savvy, where we can see that grey tones of been used to create a very stylish and elegant look and feel.

A simple statue decorates this space, showing how less can sometimes be so much more. 

An entrance is the first impression that people will get of your home so you want it to look trendy and be functional all at the same time. There should be enough space for people to gather as well as get a little glimpse into the style and decor that your home holds. 

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After: The very fabulous interior

The new open features an open plan design with a very funky design.

While there is a neutral colour palette of grey, black and white, there is also a splash of burnt orange, which creates a very visually appealing look and feel. 

The open plan design also makes the interior space feel that much bigger and more expansive. 

The different spatial planes have also been examined and explored. Don't you love how there are gaps in the walls and how pot plants along the top of the wall bring a refreshing touch of natural beauty to this otherwise very modern and futuristic home?

After: Natural light

Natural light plays a huge role throughout the home, which is why the designers have been able to employ darker tones in the interior design.

In this more casual living room, we can see how the one wall is almost entirely a window, connecting the interior space flawlessly with the garden that surrounds it.

Natural light is a very important factor in any modern home.

After: A dining room connects to the kitchen

Another very modern feature of a family home is a dining room that is connected to the kitchen. This creates a far more social and interactive space for the family. When someone is cooking in the kitchen, they can chat to the guests at the dining room table.

Here we can also see how a pot plant breathes new life into an interior space – a great design trick! Another option would be to opt for a fresh vase of flowers.

After: Funky storage

We end off our tour in this reading room, which is a wonderful example of how vertical space can be utilized.

The designers have installed vertical boxes across the one wall, which allows books to be stored in a very unique, funky and unusual way.

This is a very modern and funky twist of a traditional concept.

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Would you want to live in this new and improved home?

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