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The family home with a big surprise in the backyard

Leigh Leigh
Essex Chic Nic Antony Architects Ltd Modern houses
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Today at homify, we are going to explore a classic family home that shows just how stylish functional and traditional can be.

This is a dream home for any family, incorporating beautiful and comfortable spaces with natural light and of course, a spacious garden.

For South Africans, it's important to take into account designs and architecture that work well for family dynamics. You want to have social and interactive spaces where you can be together but you also want to make sure that there are enough private spaces, where members of the family can have their own time to themselves. 

Designed by professionals Nic Antony Architects LTD, this is the ideal home to explore and copy. Let's take a look at this fabulous family home and see what we can learn for our own homes!

A classic and stylish facade

The exterior of the home couldn't look more flawless if it tried.

While grand in size, the designers have gone for a neutral colour palette of grey, beige and white. This creates a subtle, warm and earthy look and feel.

A paved driveway leads to a double-garage, which keeps cars, bicycles and other items stored neatly away, ensuring that the overall look and feel of the home is very uniform and organised.

There is also a beautiful sheltered entrance, which welcomes guests into the home. A sheltered entrance is always a wonderful option because it keeps guests out of the sunshine or rain while they wait for you to answer the door.

A few carefully selected pot plants and flowers enhance the beautiful facade.

A seamless transition

From the back of the house, we can see how the living space spills out onto the large and spacious garden, creating a seamless connection between the interior and exterior spaces. 

The large glass windows also allow natural light to flow into the home, which immediately makes it lighter, brighter and more appealing.

This image is proof that a well-manicured lawn and a carefully organised garden can have a huge impact on the look and feel of the home. Make sure that you invest in a gardener or some good gardening tools. 

A good garden is also functional too! Couldn't you imagine playing with the kids, hosting braai's or even just relaxing on a sun lounger in this spacious outdoor area?

The glass sliding door

The designers have achieved that seamless connection between the interior and exterior spaces by investing in a large glass sliding door, which opens up and allows the two areas to flow into one another. This is a wonderful feature for a family home as it aesthetically and functionally creates a much bigger living space. 

In South African homes, if you opt for a large glass sliding door like this one, make sure that you have a secure lock on it and that you fasten it at night or when you aren't at home. You don't want any prying eyes to try and find their way into the home!

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Open plan interior

The living space of the home is simply stunning, where a classic style meets a very contemporary and industrial chic look and feel.

The designers have gone for an open plan design, which allows the rooms to flow into one another. This creates that social and interactive ambiance, which we discussed earlier. Mom and dad can keep an eye on the kids while they do their homework at the dining room table even when they are in the kitchen or the living room.

The neutral colour palette in the home, including the grey sofas, pale screed flooring and wooden furniture, makes for a very warm and cosy space. However, the designers have added a bit of colour and charm to the area in the form of some bright colours here or there by adding a cushion, a piece of art or a chair – a great design tool!

The beautiful kitchen

The kitchen is very simple and sleek in a white design with wooden elements. A kitchen bar subtly separates the cooking area from the rest of the home, without isolating it. 

A kitchen bar is a fabulous addition to any kitchen space for other reasons too! It allows the family a more casual space where they can come together over cups of tea or morning bowls of cereal. It also allows guests, friends or family to chat to the chef while he or she is busy in the kitchen.

White kitchens are also advantageous in that they make for a very clean and hygienic looking space. 

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The cosy living room

In the living room, we can see that the design is very simple and sophisticated. The designers have gone for simple grey furniture and some cosy cushions and throws.  

The artwork is the only real form of decor in this space, yet it brings a bit of character and colour to the room. 

You'll also notice the gorgeous lamp in the corner of the room. Lamps are a must for any living space, giving the room a beautiful soft glow in the evenings. Ambiance is key to a cosy home!

A very light and bright bedroom

The main bedroom of the home is worth popping our heads into, because of how the designers have ensured that it features natural light.

They've done this by investing in large windows and doors as well as skylights in the ceiling. As we can see in this image, it makes a huge difference and instantly transforms this room into a warm and light space. Yet it doesn't compromise on the privacy of the resident at all.

The designers have also gone for large mirrors on the cupboard doors, which reflect the natural light that flows into this space. It also makes the room that much bigger and allows the resident to examine their outfit before they leave the room. This is a great example of a multi-functional element at its best.

It's all in the detail

This beautiful and cosy room is also a great example of how you don't need to overcrowd a space with too many decor items or designs. Opt for functional pieces that double up as decor accessories.

Here we can see how an armchair and a cosy rug bring character and charm to the room, without hindering the space available. The rug also brings a few patterns and colours to the space. 

We also really get a sense here of how the large glass door – which also allows this room to connect to the beautiful garden – and the large windows allow sunshine to stream in throughout the day. Couldn't you imagine relaxing in this armchair or on the bed with a good book while the sunshine warms your toes?

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