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Home inspiration: The pretty family home that has it

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We often think that small houses are very limiting and will hinder us in terms of style and decor. However, as we explore a gorgeous little house of grace and beauty today, we will see that this is simply not the case.

Designed by professionals Biuro Projektowe MTM Styl, this home is the perfect example of just how much fun you can have with a small piece of architecture. There is so much room for creativity and innovation.

As we explore this home from the outside in, you'll find yourself itching to create a graceful and beautiful home of your own!

Picture perfect

From the outside of the home, we can see just how sweet and attractive it is. It features a traditional grey gable roof, a white facade and wooden finishes. A subtle grey perimeter fences gives this home some safety and security.

There is also a garage where cars, bicycles and other items can be stored neatly out of sight. This also creates a very tidy looking exterior design.

Don't you love the triangle window that is featured in the roof of the second floor?

A welcoming entrance

The entrance is the first impression that people will get of your home so you want it to be welcoming and warm. The designers have managed to achieve the perfect design for this home!

Grey steps lead up to a very trendy and modern front door, which is wooden but also has glass windows throughout. The glass windows are half frosted, which allows the family privacy but also gives guests a little sneak peek into the home from the get go.

The front door is flanked by two beautiful pot plants, with gorgeous purple flowers in them. This is a great way to add a natural form of decor to a space.

You'll also notice that there is a light above the front door, which allows guests, family members or friends to find their keys in the dark.

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Graceful and beautiful exterior spaces

If we head around to the backyard, we come across a beautiful scene!

The home spills out onto a gorgeous little terrace where the family can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. There is also a glass extension, which works like a sun room. This space is bathed in natural light throughout the day.

Natural light plays a huge role in the design of this home. Can you spot the skylight in the roof? 

A closer look at the terrace

If we take a closer look at this sweet little terrace, we can see that it has been made with some beautiful, brown tiling. This is a durable material that is easy to clean and will last in all weather conditions. It also looks gorgeous too, bringing a warm and earthy touch to the space.

The outdoor furniture is equally pleasant yet sustainable. Couldn't you imagine hosting little tea parties out here or enjoying a glass of wine as the sun goes down?

The glass extension opens right up onto the outdoor area, extending the living space of the home and creating a beautiful interaction between inside and outside.

A sun room to lounge around in

This glass extension is simply flawless in its design. The glass material allows sunshine to flow through the area throughout the day, while the earthy-toned furniture and textiles makes for a very cozy and comfortable space.

This area has been designed as an extra living area, where the family members can enjoy the surrounding garden, fresh air and views in a very comfortable setting.

Tip: Add a fresh vases of flowers or a pot plant to a space like this for a natural form of decor. 

The TV room

The interior of the home features multi-functional living spaces where the family can enjoy time together without worrying about space limitations.

The television room is a great example of how functionality and design collide. The space only features the most necessary of items, including plenty of storage so that unnecessary items can be stored neatly out of sight. The sleek, flat screen television has been mounted on the wall, taking up very little space. 

Again we can see how a pot plant or a vase of flowers truly enhances the design and decor of an interior space.

Open plan

The TV room flows into the dining room, which flows into the kitchen. This open plan design is ideal for small houses as it makes the interiors seem that much bigger and more spacious. 

In this image, we also really get a sense of how natural light plays a role in the design of the home. Thanks to the large glass windows and doors, the home is flooded with sunshine throughout the day. This design trick makes the living much more comfortable as natural light is important for our wellbeing

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Funky spaces

Your house is your home after all, so it should represent who you are and what your tastes and styles are.

In this bedroom, we can see how much fun you can have with an interior design. The owner of this room clearly has a passion for music and cars, which is represented by the funky wallpaper, cushions and instruments that decorate this space.

What you will notice, however, is that the rest of the room is very neutral, including light wooden floors, wooden furniture, white walls and a grey sofa. This ensures that if the resident of this room changes his or her passions and interests, only a few elements need to be replaced.

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Light and bright

Finally, we get a chance to see what is behind that triangle window that we spotted from the outside. It in fact allows natural light to flow into the area where the stairs connect to the upstairs level.

Again we can see how touches of charm and character enhance the interior design. Don't you love the two soccer themed bean bags, which create a perfect little area for relaxing with a good book?

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What do you think of this graceful and beautiful house?
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